View Full Version : LFTeam To practice With and play in Competitions

12-19-2015, 07:52 PM
HI there my name is Shock or Shockift in game and I am looking to join a team that is looking for a player to play with them in the 100,000 K tourney coming up soon A little about myself:

Competitive experience:

-Smite Player/Sub/Manager/Assistant Coach

-Strife Pro Player (Before the scene Died Out)

Age: 17 (18 in 11 days)

Voice programs available : TS3 , Skype, Curse and any others that may be needed

Play Style: Aggressive, I dive into points to contest a lot and will stay on until I Die

Although I may not have a lot of experience with Paladins I love this game already and I am Willing to dedicate the time and effort to improve and try to compete with the top players in this amazing game, I am on most of the day when I am not eating. I am open to nearly any practice schedule unless it goes to late because I am still in high school. I dont have a particular role but the main 4 champions I have played have been : Pip, Ruckus, Buck, and Fernando. And i am up to try any role and will put 100% into it

If you want to add me for a tryout or just want to play some games contact me in game or on twitter at the same username :)

Hope to hear back soon from someone - Shock