View Full Version : Mal'Damba Alternative Damage Options

01-17-2017, 02:31 AM
Currently, it is REALLY hard to kill with Mal'Damba, specifically if the enemy is upclose and personal with you. Due to his auto attack being a projectile, it's dodged fairly easily, but even when they do land they do so little damage that it doesnt matter. Using Gourd helps some, but all they have to do is stand out of range of it and keep shooting.

Rather than buffing his damage however, I propose adding a Poison stack to his auto (since he's literally spitting venom). I would not make it as high as Skye's, but at least enough to make killing easier. Build up Venom stacks maybe that make auto attacks do more damage, and every 3rd hit adds a stack. Something of that sort. or even, the stacks only are applied if youre standing in your own Gourd field to make it hard to get off, but at least somewhat easier to kill so you aren't left high and dry against ganks.

Another thing could be a Curse you place on enemies using your Right Click (since currently it only heals), and when Cursed attacks do slightly more damage like a weak Hunters mark. Or even slightly damage over time like a weak poinson.

Tbh, just any form of extra damage besides just buffing his literal damage would be nice.

01-17-2017, 02:41 AM
to be clear, he's fine with distance damage due to not being in danger from standing in the backline. the biggest issue is when someone tries ganking from behind or cuts Mal'Damba off from the others. he just doesnt do enough damage to matter.

it IS possible that all I need to do is spam his stunning attack while reloading more, but even then his damage output is so abysmal that it would still take forever to kill one ganker.

01-17-2017, 02:49 AM
i see a lot of people complaining about his Stun being broken. simple fix: change it from a stun to a weak poison/venom effect or stack. helps remove the stun spamming and gives him a more viable damaging option