View Full Version : Evie blink bug?

01-16-2017, 12:54 PM
So I just played Evie, and I got killed by enemy 2 times, even I should've survive.
So I went iceblock, then immediately blinked away. I did this in a game a few times, there were times when I survived, times when they timed their autoattack well, and killed me. But there were 2 cases, I even saw it in the replay. SO I came out from iceblock, blinked, and the kinessa aimed on me, in the iceblock. I literally blinked out, animation sound and VFX was done, She shot where I was in iceblock, and I still got hit. My body was a mile away from the shot. I think its something like the game did not realize i already blinked out. This happened 2 times. Was pretty annoying.