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12-19-2015, 01:18 AM
Hello, I'm new to FPS games and am still learning things but I would like to be part of a group. I am dedicated to learning how to play Paladins at the highest level and intend to be competitive in some way.

I currently am trying to rebuild and upgrade my computer after a major failure of hardware so I am stuck on a low level laptop for now but I can still play and learn. It would be nice if a group that is patient and willing to help me learn would allow me to join them.

My IGN is R0dium of course and I play on the NA servers. I main Evie and use Ruckus if she's been chosen already. I would like it if the group I join allows me to play Evie as I intend on being the best Evie player in Paladins. That is my current goal in-game. If a character comes out in a later patch that I like as well then I will alternate, but for now, I wish to play as Evie mainly.

I am on Eastern time and try to be online by 3:30 pm Eastern and pretty much have the run of the day and through the night. I do have RL responsibilities that could interfere with my gaming schedule at times but that doesn't often happen.