View Full Version : [NA] 24, Competitive/Semi-Pro experience looking for a team

12-19-2015, 12:25 AM
Like most people, I'm here to look for a SERIOUS team to play with for the founder's tournament. I say serious in allcaps because that is the biggest determining factor when it comes to teams being successful. You can have the most talented players in the world but if they aren't taking the game seriously you're not getting anywhere.

Some things about me:

Age: 24
Location: Vancouver, BC
Competitive experience:

*Heroes of Newerth,
-2nd place NA Online amateur tournament (2013)
-experience in HoNtour league (GOLD)

*Dota 2 - amateur tournament experience (2014)

*CS:GO - amateur tournament experience (2015)

I am dedicated, and motivated when it comes to eSports. I am a non-toxic player with a drive for winning and improving.

In paladins I'm mainly a PIP player, but I am able to play/practice any other roles that are required of me.

IGN: Vedders
Skype: vedran.gaspar (Best way to contact me)

12-19-2015, 01:32 AM
Hi, I am Shockift and Im 17 (18 in a couple of days) and I am also looking to join a Team for the founders tournament and a little about me is:
Smite - Challenger Cup Team manager/sub

Strife- ex Professional Player with high placings at tournaments

I am a dedicated player spending most of my time nowadays playing paladins and trying to get better, I want to be on a serious team and I want to have a chance at doing something really great by playing this game and getting good enough to compete in it. Contact info is IGN: Shockift

12-30-2015, 10:11 PM
Bump, still LFT

12-31-2015, 08:30 AM
My friends and I are still looking for 2. Check us out.