View Full Version : Skye Rework of the Gods

01-16-2017, 01:53 AM
I think as a whole, Skye is underpowered, so this is what I'd do:

LMB - Wrist Crossbow
A 20 Magazine wrist-mounted energy crossbow that deal 155 damage per shot every .08 seconds

RMB - Poison Bolts
Fires 5 bolts in sucession, each dealing 5% maximum health damage over 5s, increasing the damage Skye deals to them by 5% per bolt. Reduces healing by 25% for 2.5s.

F - In the Shadows
Enter stealth for 3.5s and gain 15% movement speed. Getting too close to enemy players will reveal you whole in stealth. Attacking enemies while hidden removes the effect.

Bonus Damage: If Skye is able to land at least 3 poison bolts on the same target within 3s of deactivation of invisibility, that target will instantly receive 10% max health damage.

Q - Smoke Screen
Create a cloud of darkness that last 5s, blocking all enemy vision in or out of it. Gain stealth for 2.5s when entering the cloud.

E - Toxic Nightmare
Place a toxic grenade which detonates after 1.5s, leaving a large area shrouded in toxic gases which deal 15 damage every .05s, that last for 5 seconds, which deals 75% more damage to shields. Enemies which stay in the gas for at least 1 second receive a 25% slow for the rest of the duration they remain in the toxic gas, and are not able to see outside the gas. Enemies also receive 10% more damage from all sources (including self-inflicted) as long as they are within the toxic gas.

Note: Depending on shield placement etc., the shape and effect of the toxic gas can be affected. For example; if Barik or Fernando placed or set up their shields before the detonation, the shield would block the gas from reaching behind the shield, causing only the shield to take damage, whilst setting it up afterwards would have no effect, causing both Barik / Fernando, and their shield to take damage. The same applies to Makoa, who can act as a radial barrier if activated before hand, but useless if activated afterwards.

Keep in mind that with Barik and Fernando, the smoke will still engulf behind the shields, but will have to travel there (much like the physics of Tyra's Fire Bomb), giving time for enemies to escape before they get trapped in the toxic gas.

This version of Skye is able to penetrate the back lines of the opposition, whilst also providing pressure to the front line, making her much more viable on both ends. Improvements to damage and fire rate ensure quicker kills in the close range, whilst compensating for the immediate drop off from medium to long range, whilst Poison Bolts and In the Shadows create a brutal max health combination for those who aren't on alert. Whilst Toxic Gas is a big step down from the damage offerred by Time Bomb, it proves itself to be much more valuable when guarding or securing objectives.