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01-10-2017, 06:18 PM
Hi ho everyone I just got the code for the closed alpha for consoles i naturally like consoles more so i played until like level 6 and wanted to say how i see the current state of the game

Good stuff:
1-The game runs very good, graphics look amazing And a very pleasnt experince no fps drops
2-No lag so i guess good servers
3-The aim assist is good i don't feel it's too op or too weak it's good

1-It's behind pc with an update now
2-No party , No marketplace No use for coins really they unlocked all the heros
3-no way to communicate
4-no way of taunting or changing button mapping
5-Makoa has no sound when he launches his cannon thing (Don't know if it only happens from me)
6-Alot of bugs
7- When trying to fly with androxus the way to press X and aim and shoot at the same time is hard to do i would suggest making an option to make him auto fly and when you press X he stops from

Despite all the flops i think it's a pretty good game I want to play it with my friends so im waiting for it to go out of closed alpha state i told my frnds to send their emails to you guys and overall Im pretty excited for the next update and i also hope they add a way to make me use my pc account because i don't want to grind again I really really like this game and i think it would be a great step for console f2p cuz i can't find alot of good ones that arent dead except Smite and planetside 2 so i think it's a good move to release this game on consoles now enough rambling I'm speaking behalf of me and my friends that we are really eager for the next update


01-10-2017, 10:32 PM
It's in Alpha it would be wrong to release a market place for a broken game

01-11-2017, 07:00 PM
Because it's Alpha, they give us all the Heroes so we can freely test. Spend gold on buying different cards for your heroes and making different builds. Otherwise save the gold in case they allow us to roll our accounts into the beta. But dont get your hopes up since many game alpha's restart accounts after they are over to even the playing field.

In regards to Androxus and any other character who can float (I'm looking at you Drogoz), simply hold down the left analog stick to activate Androxus' float. You're right, using X sucks since you cant aim at the same time so use the left analog stick button (R3).