View Full Version : Buffs and Nerfs (In My Opinion)

01-09-2017, 08:27 PM
Cassie - This one I find more as a fix than anything, but when I'm doing the dodge roll I'm finding that if they shoot where I was before I finish the animation they hit me. I got sniped from behind a tree by a Kinessa aiming at the middle of the point after a dodge roll. I don't think it was hacking and I know it wasn't lag, it came up as play of the game for everyone as well showing it that way. Maybe some invincibly frames on the starting part of the roll would help.

Drogoz - One of my mains but I feel his Ult does come up too often for being an outright insta kill on anyone that isn't fernando with his ult up. As a trade off though for upping the time for his ult I'd like his aerial mobility back, he is way to easy to hit in the air with some characters like Kinessa or Androx.

Barik - He needs his HP up to about 3000 to make him at least somewhat tanky and maybe just having his shield be impassible cause that's the easiest solution for other front-liners to deal with him, they just walk right through it.

Skye - She's in a good spot but needs some work to move her up from bottom flank pick. It's minor but what about Making the poison slower in affect, having it do the same amount of damage but lasting longer. The smoke bomb needs something more to it too, cause right now it's just mostly a second stealth with a little bit of confusion to it for blocking line of sight, maybe she ports to where it's thrown or has the option too, would give her more mobility that she needs to keep up with the other flanks.

Maldamba - OMG please fix that damn reload stun. It's the worst thing I've seen to have a Makoa and Maldamba teamed up on by Brother as a Fernando and stun locking him. Flank him from both sides on the point and either hook or reload stun to get started with his shield up, and then just shoot once, reload with deft hands to keep him locked and unable to even play. He refuses to play tank now because of this cause this happened 5 times. Make it so Maldamba at least has to go through his whole clip before he fires off the stun snake cause in concept it's a good idea, but having a stun you can fire off THAT quickly is never balanced.

I don't play everyone unfortunately and I don't see anything inherently busted with any of the other champions I play, Right now my Brother finds Sha Lin rather broken, but I haven't played with him myself to know, though he does at least seem REAL easy to play and get triple kills with.

01-10-2017, 12:19 AM
To the Cassiefix not only you have this problem. And it is a huge one, because this happens with every fast anymation. There was a situation in a match where i ported with Evie away and in this moment when i arrived at the new location i got stunned from a Sha Lins shot. But the Sha Lin aimed my old location. Sometmes i even die at the new location because of a last hit.

01-10-2017, 12:40 AM
I agree with maldumb and barik. Others.. dunno, they feel good for me.

01-10-2017, 05:27 AM
I pretty much agree with your entire post, but for mal'damba maybe just reduce stun time or reduce reload speed or like you said, but only half clip?

01-11-2017, 11:37 AM
Agree with everything but
Drogoz - All ults charge at the same rate, so why is it that you think that drogoz get his ult faster?
Maldamba - Yes but then why would Maldamba be the only champ without manual reload? I think that the reload should be longer

01-11-2017, 12:14 PM
I think Mal'Damba can be put in line with other champions by adjusting the stun duration in regards to how much ammunition is left in the clip. It could be like 9/10 ammo = 0.5s stun and 0/10 (full clip emptied) = 2.0s stun. Sounds fair to me.

01-11-2017, 12:21 PM
In OB41, Baraik's health is getting a buff from 2900 to 3200, also Skye is getting a buff in her ammo count from 15 to 20. As for Mal Damba, his perma-stun is easy to deal with. Either have your team focus him or get resilience.

01-14-2017, 06:32 PM
Resilience isn't a solution. My brother tried it, Not only does that cripple you from not taking Haven or Blast shields as the tank, but The stun still lasts too long between Makoa and Maldamba Stun locking him. He can get a few more feet away but a good shot will still keep him locked.

When I suggested the stun only after a full clip I didn't mean he doesn't get the reload at all, I just believe he should only get the stun on reload after a full clip use. I've played around with him a bit myself since my original post and after 1 deft hands I could lock down a single target Sha lin pretty easy. If I max it out It'd be insane, but I'm a good support and focused more on healing my team rather than bullying one opponent.

Glad to see Barik getting a HP buff, hope it puts him back up the ranks. The issue is still his wall is stationary and can be just walked through and drops when he dies.

Skye getting a bigger clip will really help with dropping targets easier where if you weren't precise as heck you'd bring them to a bar and then die, but it still doesn't fix her mobility issue over the other flankers.

Edit: I do like the idea of reduced stun time dependent on Maldamba's remaining clip idea.