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12-17-2015, 05:45 PM
So to start off Im looking for a team and I am looking for a team that is competitive.

Im going to shere a little about my gaming history so you know where I come from.

The first game I played competitively was LoL, I played it for around 2 years in beta

Played alote of call of duty and am really good at the fast pased games.

I did some ranking in counter-strike: GO and got to eagle rank cant remember the name for it but thats pritty good for only around 60 games played.

I use to play WoW and did arena there and was around 2.1-2.2k rating.

played some ranked in Nosgoth and went to Gold there.

and I played some star craft 2 and got diamond there when that was the highest rank.

and now Im looking forward to take this game and go all out but just need a good strong group to play with.
I have not set my eyes on any hero yet but seems like Im doing really well on all of them

Im level 12 atm and I'm from EU 00:00+ GMT Iceland

just post on this post or add me ingame under the user name : Sindro

12-17-2015, 06:14 PM
So you I figgured out why I cant make something long if you add komma it will cut out at that point forward