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+1 sick guy, good teamplayer, can vouch!

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I saw some of you adding me ingame. Would you please first write about urself in private message here, on forum? Thank you very much.

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bump bump. nerding game 24/7.

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Looking for 3 people to compete at highest Paladins level (we are 2 players) That includes participating in FT, as well as January upcoming events. Assuming Paladins goes as big as Smite, expecting to play on contract basics under some serious organisation tag. I can be vouched by one of current Penta Sports captains, whom we've played together with for many years. Briefly about me:

23 years old, russian
8 years of competitive experience, starting with ClanBase, including many LANs attended, ESL etc.
Striving for the win, always willing to improve, teamplay oriented.
Can play and master any role you need me to in Paladins
Avaible any time you need me, prefer solid training schedule
Nerding paladins 24/7
144 hz display, 200fps+ PC (only saying that to demonstrate my passion for this stuff)

What i expect from you (please, don't write if you are uncertain):

Do not reply to this thread, start flamewars, etc. This is not the intention of the topic. Please, contact me via personal message.

Be a 5 man TEAM, not a clan with 1000 people.
Be at least 3 solid people, who've played together for long time in previous games (be it SMITE or TF2 or CS or Crossfire - i don't care, as long as you have team chemistry and used to be top at what you played).
League (ESL, MLG) and LAN experience is a must.
Having experience of playing as standin/with famous organisation is a plus (i used to standin for Dignitas in BFBC2 and was part of team now known as Fnatic (ex EPSILON, GYGABITE ESPORTS)).
Be 20+ years old.
Be able to spend cash for game if needed to get additional cards. (For example, there is a game in Russia which was once very popular - Point Blank - 3-4 years ago you'd have to spend 20$ a month to be able to compete in leagues etc, because its how much equipment costed. So every pro player spent 20$ monthly). I don't see a problem with wasting couple bucks to get you all the decks needed and practice normally.
Speak english.

I play this game 24/7 and consider myself and my mate very good players.

That's about it, i guess. Thank you for spending some of your time to read through my topic. Hopefully we can get things to work.