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01-05-2017, 08:10 AM
-in my opinion cauterize is to op. lv 3 = 90%
why dont change it to 25% per level ? lv 3 = 75% or
rejuvenation increase to 15 per level. lv 3 = 45% ( i prefer not buffed reju because 90%-45%.... reju too strong that way)
the power of cauterize is still strong but the healer also can contribute healing at later rounds.

-wrecker is also too strong for me. but i cant think what kind of nerf to be use.
nerf wreck = 2 tank is op
wreck right now = shield too easy to destroy
combine with cauterize = goodbye tank.
buffed tanker shield = tanker too strong at early rounds

-agression almost useless. only use for certain condition such as no healer or no tanker. even with those condition, deft hands maybe more interesting than aggresion.
buffed aggresion = flanker or damager who can instakill become op
so in my opinion why not decrease the price instead ?
400 800 1200 become 300 600 900.
this way agression will be usefull someway for early rounds but still not too strong for later rounds when people take defensive items (blast shield or haven)

buldozer also not so appealing. not much people use buldozer.
for example, why buy buldozer for destroy ying's illusion if you can just hit people with cauterize instead ? more effective, same price.
barik's turret also the same. just wreck the shield and hit barik instead.
but I also dont know how to buff this one.
reduced price of buldozer = sad ying and barik or grohk

so... what do you guys think about this ?

01-05-2017, 02:36 PM
Even if they changed the numbers to what you suggest, caut would still be better than rejuvenate in any situation.

Why would anyone spend credits to increase received healing by 45%, when they can spent the same amount of credits to diminish enemy heal by 75%? Why would anyone spend credits to decrease the effect of an enemy card, instead of using those same credits to increase theyr own habilities?

Same thing for agression, doesn't matter if it costs 300/600/900, haven and blast shield still has double the effect.

Wrecker just need to be less effective, instead of increasing damage to shield by 75% per level, making it 60% per level would still make it viable and increase the health of shields later on the game.

Bulldozer is just not appealing because it only affects 2 champions, as new champions with deployable are introduced, it can be a more interesting item.

01-06-2017, 12:24 AM
for the cauter and reju thing.
because cauter and reju is diffrent type. why would anyone spend credits ? why not ? buy both. buy cauter and reju. there's 5 people in a team. buy items carefully.

for the agression thing.
as i said before with less price means you can rush it when other people still not have decent defensive item. for people who want risk anything become more damage they can buy agression. but as i said before its just usefull for early rounds, so its a risky selection that can bring victory or losing.

for the wrecker thing.
as i said before i dont know to balance this thing.
1. before update wreck is 50% and as you said wreck become 60%. not much diffrent there. 2 tanks meta become autowin again.
2. increase the health of shield. as i said before if you do this tanker will be too strong to handle at early rounds when people just take wreck lv1.

for the buldozer thing.
yes i agree with that.

01-06-2017, 08:37 PM
Nobody will buy caut and rejuv, because you aren't increasing your potencial damage output. Caut have a much bigger impact for the same price, so it will always be picked instead of rejuv. It's a much better deal to buy chronos, wrecker, or anything else really, because those things will make you stronger in all situations. Rejuv will only make an item of the enemy to be slightly worse.

Doesn't matter, agression will still be useless. "Oh you spend 300 credits buying agression? I bought haven, so i will still received 5% less damage than before". Also, people already can do what you suggest, it's just the case of "why would you ever want 5% more damage, when you can have 20% faster reload"? The bonus is too small to be relevant.

"1. before update wreck is 50% and as you said wreck become 60%. not much diffrent there. 2 tanks meta become autowin again."

No, it becomes balanced. Shields shouldn't not be useless on the late game, and should not be inpenetrable barriers on early game. Going 60% is right in between.