View Full Version : Dear Devs, here's a video containing PS4 bugs made for you

01-02-2017, 05:31 PM
Hi, made this video for the Devs to showcase PS4 bugs. As in the start of the vid I'm not able to do anything for a few seconds it's frozen. As you can see I am also not able to go back to champion select in my first 4 queue ups.

I have been very patient trying to get Into a match. The last match will contain gameplay.

In the last match yoy see I have no HUD, I am not able to go to the settings menu, no options menu and not able to go to the shopping screen. I'm not able to leave the game. Also you can see I have no crosshair I am not able to see who's friendly or who is an enemy. This has happened in almost all my matches thus I got kinda used to it. I also showcased that dieing has no impact on this bug. Also not able to see the scoreboard.

After the match I got a black screen and was not able to go to the menu, I had to relaunch the game.

I hope this helps yoy guys please fix these things I love your game so much I had fun playing it despite all the bugs. :)