View Full Version : Androxus doesn't appear to be working as advertised.

01-02-2017, 10:20 AM
While I tried to get footage for this to display, my recording software decided that It doesn't work with Paladins (I use OBS.)
But, either way, Androxus. I've played a decent chunk of him now, and I've noticed the following abilities bugging out; 1. Defiance does ocassionally, although only very rarely fire an uneven number of shots after netherstepping. It still usually fires 3, but I've right-clicked and only gotten one or two shots out with 6 bullets loaded.
Nether Step randomly goes on cooldown when there's nothing around. I don't mean It gets disabled by an ability, I mean It goes back to a 10-second cooldown in the middle of a fight or even rolling out of spawn.
Reversal appears to be a very small square box covering just about Androxus' chest. And from certain ranges, Kinessa can pierce this ability even If she hits his hands head-on.
Furthermore, the healing from Equivelant Exchange appears to take place a split second after his Reversal ends, not as It ends.
And, most important, the hitbox for It not only appears to be a small square on his chest, It's also a bit outside his hands, because If you shoot his hands from the side, It'll pierce and do full damage.
And sometimes Accursed arm only lets me shoot 3 times, but I think this was fixed because It hasn't been happening recently.