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12-30-2016, 09:56 AM
The way the matchmaking is right now there is just no reason to keep playing the game.

I had this game : http://imgur.com/a/6Uozc

good matchmaking could be a bit better, but it put in skilled players together.
We could not see players after the fernando, because of a bug on paladinsguru.
They had a guy that was 5.8 k elo ingame.
The rest of the players was. 2.200 2185 2358
So the matchmaking put in 2 players to compensate for the 5.8 guy. which is why that team ended up losing. there were players online that was way better in this situation. But still this game was okay.

The problem was when we all queued up agian I ended up in this game.

http://imgur.com/a/LW5KD (evie)


And I end up i a game without any of them.

What is worse is that the 5.8 guy were streaming, so I could see that in thier game they only had 3 of the 8 people.

So the matchmaking split up 8 good players over atleast 3 games.

And I could even see on my friend list that atleast 6 other players around the same elo was ingame, we had a 14 mins queue, so ther should be a good chance that 2 of them got done with a game and looked for a new one, then we would have 10 good players for a game, which if there were good matchmaking it would see.

Instead I end up in a game with people that are 1000 elo points under me ingame.
This is not something that just happends once, this happends almost every 2 game, i have more games like the second game than games like the first one, even when there is the players for the matchmaking to make good teams.

Right now i just don't see a reason for why we should keep on trying to play the game in high elo. If you are not in a team and can scrim and that way get good games, then there is no way to get any good games, if you are a high elo player. The best games you can get is 3 good people on both teams, and then 2 players that are okay on both teams and even then it just comes down to how bad the okay players are, and if they make too many mistakes.
So there is just no reason to play the game right now if you are high elo. Even if there is 30 good players online, instead of putting the players in the same game, the matchmaking split the players up over 10 games, and all the games end up being really bad.

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12-30-2016, 10:30 AM
I didnt understand you much but i think you are complaining about match making being unfair. Just to say it, in the second picture your team had a higher average mmr than the enemy team.

Still if that's not your problem, i think you and the community should realise that the game is in beta. The game is not finished yet and there are a lot of bugs or other stuff to be fixed, but if you dont like the game you are free to try it again once it finishes it beta stance

12-30-2016, 11:20 AM
As said above.. the game's in beta, AND HEY LOOK AT IT AS A CHANCE TO IMPROVE YOUR SCRUB GAME!

12-30-2016, 11:36 AM
While I agree with 'the game is still beta', the complaints about matchmaking is something that sticks to Hi-Rez games even if they leave beta if I look at the SMITE complaints e.g. - dunno myself, this is my first Hi-Rez game but what I've personally noticed is the long time they need to fix things in general, the only thing in mind with a worse fixrate is one of the dozen zombie survival games out there by other companies. That is sad, because it's the first team based shooter or MOBA I like to play since... 10 years (?) or so... maybe I am just spoiled because I was part of the PoE community and developement and they fixed things in minutes or a few hours at maximum during the three years I played their game... :confused: