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12-30-2016, 04:38 AM
The problem with hi rez's match making is that to make the teams fair if there is a high elo player, it try to put in a low elo player to compensate.
And the matchmaking is way too soft.

The problem with this is that the match making put in a low tier player like a 4 k player to compensate that the team has a 5 k player, then that team will play agianst a 4.5 k team.

The problem is that the 4 k player will play way worse compare to how better the 5 k player plays.

The weak link in a team game will always be the reason for the lost in a team game moba, so it is a lot hardere for the 5 k player to carry, than it is for the other team to take advance for the bad player.

And I agree that you should not be able to carry a team by yourself.

Right now if two 5 k+ players queue, a lot of the time the matchmaking put them in diffenrent game, to try to compensate for a low tier player, instead of putting the two 5 k player agianst each other.

You can fix this by making it so that you can't play with people 500 elo under you or something like that.
And the 2 teams don't need to be that close in total elo, when it is a high elo game, the differents between a 5 k player and a 4.8 k player is not that big, so instead of focusing so much on making them really close, try to focus on get 10 players that are close to each other in skill level to play together.

Hi rez remember you can't think that just because the numbers add up it will make the match fair. a 5 k player can't carry a guy at 4 k that have no idea how to play vs a 4.6 k player.

stuff that people do at 4 k elo that might work, most of the time that don't work in high elo, so when they get into a match like that they will lose the game for thier team because they have no idea how to play it right.

I don't know why when i go online and can see a player at my skill level is queueing for compoetitive and we end up in 2 different team, where none of the games is fair. Even if the average ELO in the game is the same for each team.

There is no reason why the matchmaking is spreading the high elo players over so many games.
And it doesn't matter that that we play vs the same guys over and over.

What the players will end up doing is starting to play inhouse games, just to get good practice.

Hi rez even if it takes really long to find a game it is fine, when you decide to play on an high elo account you expect long queues, but sometimes I get 2 mins games, and end up with people that are way lower than me.

And there is a lot of people playing right now, so it should not be that big a problem.
Back before patch 0,19 we had amazing matchmaking. And back then the game was way smaller.
So just put really hard matchmaking and see what happends, you can just soften the matchmaking agian after.

In high elo we just have to wait, if a high elo player is in another game, then when he is done we get a game.

12-30-2016, 10:19 AM
Well, considering jet lag and players/day spikes, they might be focusing on other things:
1.Queue up people from the same country, or same cities for big countries, to have players matching based on their ping, so on the closest servers, brining some irregularities in the general skill level of a team
2.Due to, as i have said, jetlag, and the amount of players at certain hours, some players can't found any reliable servers, and, to prevent searching a competitive game for 20 minutes, they prefer to match lower skill based players
I've played TF2 over the last monthes, it is the exact same problem, i've reached level 18 only by myself, teamates are generally between lvl1-5 so i have to carry every single game. Just because there's not enough players available.

Over the last 30 days: avg of players = 22.000
November: avg = 28.000
October: avg= 29.000

Keep in mind that if there's 20.000 people playing at the same time, you have to split them over the continents, some might be afk but with the game launched, some will be playing the training session, some will play casuals instead of competition, some will play on private servers from scrims,...
So in the end, there's just a poor amount of players with the same average of elo points, from the same country searching for competitives. And the amount of players this month wasn't amazing.

12-30-2016, 01:52 PM
Considering that for reasons I can't fathom hi Rez is keeping the details of their match making underlying stricter guard than fort knox

01-05-2017, 06:50 AM
I do agree with the OP in that I feel alot of the times the Match Making will try and match a high ranked player with several lower ranked, or several high ranked with a single low ranked. BUUT I disagree, I have seen the high ranked player carry low ranked players many times, only if the low ranked players do not behave like idiots and actually try and capture the point, help and protect the high elo player, usually he can carry the team. But I have seen vice versa, where the 5k elo player will try and carry, but everyone on the team is an idiot, not capping the point, not supporting the high ranked player etc.
And as such I usually see 5k + players pick a champion they don't care about so they won't get de-ranked when they do lose.

01-05-2017, 09:57 AM
ideally you'd see team play, not a duel of 1 good dude with 4 new players against another good dude with 4 new players

03-27-2018, 03:44 PM
I have a similar problem allthough not the same. and i have some issues of my own. I have played paladins on and off for a year or 2. anyway long story short, i am player lvl 104 ish, i just did competitive for second time, and the glairing unfair problem i am seeing. is a casual ELO ... Yes it exists. I am player lvl 104, and i am pretty good im not a pro player by no means, but i will say at least a high gold/plat level. i play with ranked friends that are diamond , and i always out perform them , even on losses on our team i am top dps , alot of times top play of the game. anyways i went into ranked to get qualification with a rl friend 2 or 3 days ago

and the team balance is insane. literally a prime example ,. last game i played, it was me (unranked) and one other unranked, 2 unranked , 2 bronze and 1 silver player..... which is okay whatever im unranked... but the other team was a masters, 3 plat and an unranked
. I dont care how high my player level is , I cannot carry an entire team to victory on my back against an entire team of plat/ diamond players when i got bronze team mates at best, i get that i am okay and yes i am lvl 104 in casual , but i have NO RANK AT ALL. so WHY DOES MY CASUAL RANK EFFECT COMPETITIVE? and dont say it doesnt , cuz my RL friend michelle started playing 2 days ago , she just placed high silver almost gold , we played 10 games together of 15, she did the other 5 solo
and when she qued without me at level 16, she fought all bronze and silver players.. and in some games she had plat team members, but when I qued up with her, it was like me and her vs the entire enemy team. they balance my player level in casual like it matters in competitive. so do you actually get punished in ranked for having a high player lvl? what the crap is going on, I am 10x better than my bud and she placed 5 ranks higher PURELY based on her opponents and team members, the ranked balance is completely broken until you are higher in rank, for a casual player starting competitive you shouldnt have a handicap, honestly they should encourage you to learn some champions before hopping into ranked and losing your team games, my drogoz and strix i did really well all the time, but they seem to treat my entire paladins history like im going to play my best champ every game, and balance it with impossible odds. players should not be punished for experience. unranked should be just that unranked, a lvl 200 unranked player shouldnt automatically face crazy OP teams, when a lvl 0 gets masters on his team vs bronze.

the system is garbage, a players level should have 0 effect on his placement games. idc if the guy is player level 999... he is casual and unranked. holding him to a higher standard just cuz he has played more in casual feels like cruel and stupid punishment.... a player that studies before going into ranked , who takes time to learn a few roles, a few counter picks and a few champs. shouldnt be punished for his efforts, he should be rewarded.

and the whole system you use is broken, it seems that you guys use a balance system that (basically) goes as follows.
if you got 1 gold player and 2 silver in matchmaking, you split it up put 1 gold on the blue team , and 2 silver in the red team. that may work with inexperienced players to balance it out. but as players know their job and role better , the increase in rank becomes less relevant. like I personally would rather have 2 master players , than the #99 grand master, cuz they can do more , 2 ppl , this is a team game. why punish people for trying to be prepared or practicing , you should reward it , instead hi rez punishes ... their is some sort of casual ELO/Rank we cant see, and it only serves one purpose,. to screw us in matchmaking. it just dont register that someone i just taught to play , who i still outplay every team game , beat 1vs1 in private servers when he picks my counters, tryin to get him some practice and understanding , and he places almost gold and im in bronze, cuz he got good plat/diamond team mates vs bronze when he qued alone, but when he qued with me , every time the teams were stacked against us. all plat and diamond on other team and we get 2 unranked and 3 bronze, and we ask the team to ban makoa or inara, and they ban pip and first pick skye , then the enemy gets second pick grabs seris and makoa
then my second and third pick are literally , skye 1st, then maeve and then kinessa on brighmarsh, vs , makoa, seris , inara, so I already know we lost , unless jesus comes down and parts the red sea we are screwd,. now i gotta heal , jenos and pip are banned, honestly i cant play damba wish i could , but now with 2 flanks and a sniper and unknown tank. so i went with Grohk cuz pip banned, seris taken , jenos banned. grover or grohk i took grohk, but all we had was flanks and snipers, no one would ever get near enough to heal, no one even went for the point. like yes we did lose the game straight out of the draft, but why put me on a team that cant even draft if im lvl 105. o yea im bronze, I WASNT YET! i am better than that but i got screwd in team balance. now i gotta claw my way out of bronze against better teams. its total crap. hopefully in 3 months i can get high enough rating i wont have to worry about carrying bronze teams vs diamonds, but who knows. anyways this system is terrible., I love the game , i loved the casuals and ranked was fun , the first few times we got unbalanced teams, but i literally got screwd EVERY GAME by matchmaking. ALWAYS enemy team had outranked us, in NOT ONLY RANKS like plat , gold , silver, but also in champion levels, the enemy teams were picking champions in the 30-60 champion level range, and i would say my average partners champion level was an average of 10. yes occassionally you get a 35 seris or something , but the other team always had higher, and my teams was under 10. I dont mind a challenge, but i like fair and this matchmaking is total BS

03-27-2018, 03:47 PM
Sure, but, please, no necro.