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12-25-2016, 10:26 PM

So, after almost 3 days of play I finally got to level 30 and you ask me if I like the game experience? I honestly say yes, in fact Paladins is extremely fun with a great potential but some aspects are completely ruin the gameplay.



Mending Spirits

If we think of Groover's healing power, there is no comparison with Mal'damba because Groover's is much more effective. If we are in a team battle, the heal of Mal'damba becomes almost useless because our friends will receive more damage than healing.

https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/paladins.gamepedia.com/thumb/5/56/Champion_Tyra_Icon.png/120px-Champion_Tyra_Icon.png?version=3f011b04c5c6fe8c320 1059a4d63ff5b

Fire Bomb - Reduces the damage 50 to 30 or the active time.
Movement Speed - Increase
Auto Rifle - Damage 120 to 100

And I dont understand why this champion is a "Damage" when it has a many flank caracteristics.

https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/paladins.gamepedia.com/thumb/d/d1/Champion_Drogoz_Icon.png/120px-Champion_Drogoz_Icon.png?version=643bd14e6c2eff13a 38069706898d3b4

Dragon Punch - I think that Dragoz's ulti coud be improved a be like the Bomb King Ulti and affect with the explosion all aroud him. Currently the ulti is a little weak, because it can only eliminate 1 champion and still takes time to be activated when we press "e".

https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/paladins.gamepedia.com/thumb/4/4a/Champion_Androxus_Icon.png/120px-Champion_Androxus_Icon.png?version=21e995d2f2f1470 88702ff364c52d602

[*=center]Explain in this topic.


I think the competitive one can still improved a lot, but actually impossible to create a scenario where there are only the good playerson top.
The Rank System

Can someone explains how this systems works? I do not understand how this works. I would find it interesting that the competitive worked for points and was not applied only in 1 champion but in all.


Queue - I dont think it is right when we are in the game lobby and someone does not choose a champion and we are all removed from the match, I think it would be better to add someone who is already in the queue to replace.

Chest - I think in the festive chest instead of give a single skin, could gives us 3/5 skins.

Hackers - Please make safety improvements, the competitive is almost unplayable.



Note: These suggestions are based on my game experiences

12-25-2016, 11:16 PM
tbh i think tyra ac needa dmg buff the molotov is in a good place but the dmg maybe should be 125 or the accys. should be a bit TINY bit higher "i dont like her but shes underperfoming in my eyes"
maldamba heal does 80 x sec ? cloud be wrong. i think his heal is in a ok state if you ask me just focus more where you place the bottle.
about drogoz ulty i think its already kinda annoying that he can built that up rly fast and then 2 make a blast radius dmg on that can be even more annoying example: the Around dmg is 1000 +drop off the radius is 3 meters you can pretty ez kill 3 players with a ulty that ist just for basilcy a "one Punch" hitmans targed "if you get my point" (dont like drogoz either but play himaswell"
about androx yeah.... its kinda hard 2 balances this guy its basicly like in overwatch androx "mcgree" kicked viktor out his dps overall is higher have better skills 2 deal with situations etc etc. and viktor "76" is where he should be underperforming "and i dont say that because i m a mian viktor its just basilcy the same story in red" but what i think the only thing wich should be change is the headshoot dmg "always 300 dmg + no metter how far he is" its hould be by 250 or even completly change with the drop off "there is none now"

i hope the helped somehow

Merry X-mass

12-25-2016, 11:59 PM
Each of your individual points lacks direction, evidence, any kind of reasoning, and really any kind of research whatsoever. And you contradict yourself. (Tyra should have a buff to her movement speed, you say, but you criticize her on the grounds that she has flank characteristics? What?)

Clean up your points and give clear numbers and reasons why you feel that way.
Also, Tyra firebomb is %hp. Nerfing 30-50 damage from it wouldn't make much sense at all, since it's not a flat damage output anyway.

Edit: And Drogoz ult is for one shotting tanks. It's perfectly fine as it is, and very very strong.