View Full Version : patch 40 what it went wrong

12-25-2016, 03:56 AM
first of all i want to thank all hi rez members for this game and hope it would be much better
so as i have experienced in this patch the most is :
1- skye : skye is kind of quick killer if am not wrong she and you don't react fast you're dead but befor this patch you had that time now with her accuracy even if you lowered her HP you can't really make it cauz you get hit with all her basic attacks plus her poison , i remember this recently i was with evie i had more than half HP and was goin on corner skye come after me and befor i had time to see her i was dead to be honest i though that some one helped her cauz it was like a one shot kill but on the replay with her speed attack and acuracy wich she wasn't taht much close hit by - 120 HP on evry shot i though maybe if you lowered her hp bit she would ve become perfect

2- some times i get thie wierd scenarios especially with me as cassie and enemy as buck i shot him the bullet goes right on him but there's no dammge i think it maybe bug happened not even once

3- as general of the game i think drogos jet boost was good befor you changed it cauz it make more experienced players player much better with him then normall drogos things like these that don't make the hero over powered i think it's great way for the player to improve and give his own style in game better than you cornering him with one style that on the long shot makes the game boring

if you dev's read this or any person i wish you good day and i hope this games becomes much better