View Full Version : Several things that need to be addressed

12-21-2016, 03:33 PM
First up. Tyra, what in gods name where you thinking Hi-Rez, making her free? Really? At least nerf her damage, honeslty 120 damage per shot close range with max 34 bullet magazine? Isn't that a little much? She is basically Viktor on steroids.

Next up, was the Androxous nerf really that necessary?

The Cassie nerf is understandable.

Sha Lin's Ultimate needs a buff, it is almost never useful nor will it gain you an increased number of kills as Sha Lin's attacks in general need timing so the 50% draw speed increase doesn't do much, the only thing his ultimate really does is just the invisibility whilst shooting.

Bomb King bombs need to be like 0.2 seconds faster on the deploy, just a minor tweak as it is insanely hard to hit practically anything other than tanks, but that's just my opinion.