View Full Version : This is my feedback!

12-21-2016, 02:00 AM
Hi all,
first of all i have to thank you for the opportunity yo play the closed alpha version.
I played the game and i conclude it's reaaaally great!! Altought very similar to Overwatch...
The gameplay is funny and satisfyng, characters are simply beautiful and original, but i've noticed there are no melee ones( i think they can be nice too, just for players that prefer use a sword or an hammer ).
Maps have a too simple structure and are maybe too small, the design is poor too( well, i know it's the alpha version, it's just to put a breakpoint on this ).
Card system is just awesome..I appreciate you can customize your favourite character as you want, modifying them piece by piece too!( better than just buy a skin and go... ).
I like too the fact that, while in a match, you can just upgrade with passive abilities that don't make you SUPERUBERDEADLYONESHOTMTFCK like items in other MOBA( if you get fed, obviously ).
There are not too many "structural" bugs even if this is an alpha...
I'll keep playing and testing( i really like the game! >.< ).