View Full Version : Controller Sensitivity [PS4]

12-20-2016, 08:37 PM
Does anyone else feel that the controller sensitivity is too low by default and should be raised? I'm currently playing on PS4.

12-21-2016, 12:32 AM
yeah, it is compared to other shooters it needs work yet. if you go the the controller setting you can adjust the sensitivities and other setting and get it to respond better. but wont be the same as you would expect in battlefield 1 or paragons. keep in mind the game on the consoles is in alpha not beta so it'll prob get addressed somewhere down the road i'd imagine.

12-21-2016, 03:32 PM
It wouldn't be too big of a deal if our settings would save. Once that is fixed, there would be no reason to raise it.

12-22-2016, 04:44 AM
Sensitivity isn't problem.Problem is aim acceleration boost which is really low on default.

12-22-2016, 02:22 PM
for me the camera rotation is the issue, I wish the team can give us the camera rotation like Uncharted 4 or LoadOut