View Full Version : Cards that make you a better player should be universal

12-20-2016, 06:21 PM
Some cards teach basic skills and behaviors for the game.

they should be accessible to all champions.

'Training/Development' cardexample:
'Lie in Wait'': heals after stopping for 1 second'

I use this card on Kinessa, it taught me to stop and heal.
> Kinessa was trained to heal from the card. No.
> Kinessa developed the character to heal from the card. Yes.

I've had some very serious talks with Cassie. About stopping to heal.


She needs a 'Lie in Wait' card to develop the right character.

Plus Cassie knows that Kinessa has one, and she wants one too.

All the other champions heard Cassie wanted one, and they want one too.


The only way out of this is to give all the champions access to a universal set basic set of cards.
It should include the right kind of

Training card.
> Kinessa uses the card that gives cooldown for training (changes skills). No.
> Kinessa uses the card that gives more HP for training. Yes.

The current basic loadout is not the basic character. The basic character is technically the character without any cards at all, no effect on skills. The basic loadout is the default and loads when learning the character, this is when 'training cards' are the most useful.

Two default loadouts:
Beginner Loadout: Training Cards/Development Cards
Example Loadout: Current Basic Loadout


Three default loadouts:
Beginner Loadout: Training Cards
Learning Loadout: Development Cards
Advanced Loadout: Current Basic Loadout

None of the loadouts should be 'locked in'.
There should be a button to reset any loadout to the default or any one of the default examples.

12-28-2016, 11:39 PM
Cassie actually doesn't want "Lie in wait", because she's much more dynamic character. While universal cards are very tempting, the way you explain it kinda vague.

12-29-2016, 08:05 AM
3 default loadout but different levels (basic, dev, advance) is a totally useless.
the loadout is not prepared for you to ready to use
The developer wants you to make a loadout that suits your playstyle, also they give you 5 slot of loadout to make you prepare for any enemy playstyle.
I mean 5 is a lot of loadout, and I doubt someone would need anymore than that if they have found their playstyle.

The card should not be universal, because every champions have their unique trait.
Some card could be very advantageous to other hero.

Kinessa's lie in wait is suiting kinessa because she attack from far away an wait.