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12-18-2016, 01:30 AM
A little rocky start I'd say. Minor sound glitches in which stutter. I barely encounter other players assuming that not many keys were given out just yet. Which is fine the AIs do a very good job. My first game went horrible. My UI didn't show and I couldn't select any of my cards however it never happened again after that. Other then that I love the game. Would be nice to be able to play against other players sooner without having to get to rank 4 on each character. As that is a lot of work and I am afraid that might turn off players when it goes open beta. I figured I'd give my feedback for allowing me access. I hope to be able to join in any future betas this game may have.

PipHop Hooray
12-18-2016, 05:03 AM
You don't need to get every single champion to mastery level 4 before getting matched with other players. Only your profile needs to be level 5. That's about 5 to 6 bot games. After that you'll be able to face real players.:)