View Full Version : Viktor card to differentiate from the incoming tyra

12-17-2016, 09:17 PM
ok, so we all know that viktor is kinda bad, borderline useless at times. and we can clearly see that tyra is going to be a damage powerhouse, but how are we going to separate them in terms of game mechanics?

the answer is add a card to viktor that does the following: (yes i know damage increasing cards were removed for a reason but hear me out plz)

Kill switch:

rank 1: reduce fire rate but increase damage output

rank 2: three round burst rifle fire with more damage output (with a .5/1sec interval between firing)

rank 3 two shot burst with more damage output ^

rank 4 semi automatic with maximum (possibly 600 - 620ish) damage output ^


alternate kill switch:

change weapon to burst fire with bonus damage on landing all 3 shots

ranks would go in increments of 2% for increased bonus damage

personally i think this would help to not only separate the roles of the champions, but give a much needed boost to a struggling damage character.