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12-17-2016, 12:33 PM
List of Effect of cards already in game
at bottom of card ideas:

How to make many more cards quickly:
take cards from other champs.
give all champs all the cards from all the other champs.
all champs have access to a complete base set and additional cards not available to all champs.
Apply card to ALL skills including Ultimates.

Where to put so many cards? and the art?
On a grid in the skill tab, access the loadout from there. less screens more streamlined game.
In this scheme, and with the shortage of art for the cards (lots of temp art images), the images can remain in a different design capacity, or only the selected card is displayed as a card with the image, much larger than it is now. making it easier to read and appreciate the art on the card.

Why so many cards?
This gives players a huge testing space. One the benefits of this business model is a large supply of testers.

fewer players don't respond than we would like, waiting for ideas and feedback to come to the forums can longer than we would like. How do you effectively test all those cards?

Place a voting option on each card: thumbs up, thumbs down, and report card broken.

Cards known to not be viable or impossible (incompatible with skill) can be removed from the set before hand.

To validate the broken card report with a minimum character length response from the player. process internally and post results on forums or provide information on the card about what other players are voting on it. if run out of space on the front of the card, flip it over on click (button to read voting results on back). Players that never change their card loadout may be asked to rate their cards periodically after a number of matches and is not annoying to skip if the player wants to do so.

This process will give you feedback from players even if they don't check the forums. This may also be a way to increase engagement in the forums.

Rare Cards:

-Blank Card that can have 0 points assigned to it.

-Special cards with rare appearance in chests and higher costs to buy.
-special cards give you an extra loadout point, and the card can exceed 4 points of skill in it.
-special cards may be upgraded versions of some cards or completely unique

These schemes increase the number of 'builds', combinations available for the player to customize their champion.

Another way to award cards:

The last idea one is more like a design challenge or perhaps comes from a different design philosophy. Getting random rewards from chests is a type of game that comes from games of chance, these types of games of chance are sometimes categorized as addictive. Those are the extreme cases, does not apply to this game. However, systems that track achievements with goals associated with the reward, for example some mechanism that would reward you with an ability card based on your performance.

For example: If you over-use a skill, it you might earn cooldown reduction, so that you can use it more and as a consequence of how you play the game responds. Or you take too much damage, so you get a card that increases your base health.

This way, you might earn a card again, or gain gold in its place in diminishing amounts each time. Some games have 'trophies', the best ones are the useful ones that represent your character's strength and pride, with cards as trophies the reward and the effort (merit,skill,need) are in agreement.

Effect of cards in game
note:'summons' used to reference turrets, illusions,...

'summon' heals for additional % of health
'summon' increases base duration
'summon' increases base health
'summon' is generated
'summon' is healed
'summon' moves faster
'summon' radius increase
standing near 'summon' heals per second
standing near 'summon' heals the ability object per second

after use heal
after use increase movement speed
after use increased air control
after use increased damage reduction
after use movement speed
after use reduce duration of DoT
after use shield

during ability ammo regeneration
during ability cooldown
during ability damage reduction
during ability damage reduction
during ability damage reduction interrupted by attacks
during ability gain % lifesteal
during ability heal
during ability heal per second
during ability increase air control
during ability increase ammo regeneration
during ability increase bonus jump speed
during ability increase damage by % based on nearby enemies
during ability increase recharge rate
during ability movement speed
during ability on health % heal until 50% health
during ability regen

on elimination movement speed
on elimination reduce all cooldowns

on heal increase movement speed
on heal increase movement speed of teammates
on healing teammate heal
on healing teammate heal for % of heal

on health % activate skill
on health % cooldown reduction
on health % cooldown resets
on health % increased healing received
on health % shield activated

on hit (airborne target) reduce cooldown
on hit (all shots) generate ammo
on hit (first) cooldown reduction
on hit (first) lifesteal
on hit (head) reveals them
on hit (unique) increase movement speed
on hit (unique) reduce cooldown
on hit % recharge
on hit %lifesteal against unique target
on hit ammo
on hit cool down reduction for another ability
on hit cooldown of an ability
on hit damage reduction
on hit heal
on hit increase movement speed
on hit increase reload speed
on hit knockback
on hit lifesteal
on hit movement
on hit reduce cooldown of another ability
on hit reduces healing of target
on hit reveal with duration

on kill ammo
on kill and elimination ammo
on kill cooldown reduction
on kill increase reload speed
on kill movement speed
on kill or elimination reduce all cooldowns
on kill or elimination restore % of fuel
on kill reduce cooldown by %

on miss cooldown reduction

on shield damage cooldown reduction

on standing still regen

on use allies gain shield
on use allies gain speed
on use ammo regen
on use heal
on use heal per second
on use increase reload speed
on use movement speed
on use movement speed for allies
on use reduce cooldown
on use reduce cooldown of other ability
on use reduces cost of other ability
on use repeat ability and teleport to first use location

per enemy hit ammo regeneration
per enemy hit cooldown reduction
per hit cooldown reduction
per hit heal

reduce base cooldown
reduce base cooldown
reduce crowd control effects
reduce functional cost of skill (example: recoil)
reduce cooldown of other ability

increase base ammo
increase base ammo generation
increase base champion flight speed
increase base crowd control reduction
increase base duration of ability
increase base flight speed of an ability by %
increase base healing reduction
increase base knockback
increase base number of mines
increase base number of targets
increase base projectile speed
increase base radius of skill
increase base range
increase base regeneration
increase base reload speed
increase base shield health
increase base slow effects on champion
increase base speed of projectile
increase base duration
increase base fuel capacity
increase base movement speed
increase base forward distance
increase base knockback distance
increase base champion health
increase duration of ability
increase effect of slow
increase health of ability object
increase knockback of ability on enemies
increase knockback of ability on self
increase movement speed
increase radius
increase radius
increase radius of detection field
increase range
increase reload speed
increase speed for duration
increase time between multiple skill activation
increase damage to shields
increase reload speed
increase air control during an ability

% damage converted to health
faster activation of ability
gain % lifesteal on ability
limit on effect of slow % on champion
on charged shot heal
on weapon use increase movement speed
out of combat increase movement speed
self damage reduced for an ability
weapon can fire longer before over heating
weapon knockback removed and less self damage
weapon use cost reduced