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12-16-2016, 11:14 AM
Skye: -The last 2/3/4 shots of your magazine have increased accuracity.
-If all 3 poisondarts hit the same enemy, they'll tick .6/.7/.8/.9 seconds longer.
Buck: -Reloading your full ammo gives you for 2/3/4/5 seconds an additional shot.
-If Buck kills an enemy while his Q is active, he regenerates 50/75/100/125 Health more.
Androxus: -If his Rigtclicks first shot hits an enemy, the second and third one will have 5/10/15/20% increased accuracity.
-Revearsal last for every every 500 damage absorbed .2/.3/.4/.5 seconds longer.
Viktor: -He heals 50/75/100/125 health for each enemy hit by his grenade.
Kinessa: -For each headshot kinessa hits on her enemies, oppressor mines cooldown will be decreased by .6/.8/1/1.2 seconds.
-In the time, between the cast and the teleport of Kinessas F heals every shot she hits 3/5/7/9% of her missing health.
Makoa: -For each enemy hit by shell spin, his Q cooldown will go down by 1/2/3/4 seconds.
-Activating his E will decrease the cooldown of all abilitys by 2/4/6/8%.

If you have any feedback, please post it!

12-28-2016, 04:58 PM
I mainly play Kinessa so I don't have much feedback for the other heroes. The concept I think would be pretty goof for the headshots. I seen in other threads that mines producing illusions or clones that does less damage is a popular concept as well.

12-28-2016, 05:55 PM
Most of these concepts are okay. I especially like the one for Andro's Defiance, which could make the ability (more) viable. Just don't forget to add a cap to his Reversal extension, since you cannot cancel it manually, otherwise it may result in very long Reversals.
The Makoa card for his ultimate doesn't fit into the game right now, but maybe Hi Rez will add cards for ultimates at some point.

As for Kinessa, the cooldown reduction on her Oppressor Mines is redundant since we have the Generator card which reduces the Mine cooldown by up to 5 seconds.
Her second card idea made me chuckle a bit, because it is not possible for her to shoot in between throwing out the teleporter and teleporting. Of course it would be awesome if they could "fix" this mechanic (pretty sure it's intentional, but still annoying. At least allow her to charge up her Sniper Rifle or something) but until then the card would be useless.