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12-09-2016, 04:11 PM
The game itself is rough on the edges, but it obviously has a considerable amount of bugs that need to be fixed.

1. The login screen displays the foliage on the left and right and a black background screen. I can still see everything but it needs a background.

2. Sometimes it will ask me to log into Xbox Live when I try to log into the game. This is an easy, quit the application launch it back up kinda thing. But it would be nice not having to do that every time I launch the game.

3. The looking around movement during the game is SOOOO WEIRD. This is a critical part of the game (looking around and shooting) and I feel needs to be put on priority. It feels not fluent whatsoever, and it also increases its speed the more you look in that direction. Yes, I have messed with the sensitivity and literally just made it worse.

4. EVERYTHING ON THE HUD (during game and in the menu) IS SO SMALL. This needs to be changed, I have 20x20 vision and it's small and hard to read even for me. I also think that the HUD, in game, needs to be redone. It works well with PC version but I do not see Xbox Players enjoying the HUD.

5. The selection screen (for the characters) is very small also, and it always starts my selection on victor. I feel it should start with someone in the middle of the selection screen (skye etc.) so that there is an equal chance of everyone selecting a character.

6. The bots are very strange. Every first round I play its like they don't try, then the next round my team always gets DESTROYED. The bots need to be redone also, they move like they are using a PC, but they should move like every other console player. The Kinessa bot is broken, it waits like 10 seconds to fire a shot, It is extremely vulnerable and needs to be redone also. The bots move around, shoot their weapons, and taunt in the spawn area. I find it annoying in a way, but if other people like than go ahead and keep it.

7. All of the selection items on the main menu are "Title" and no picture. (this may be because its pre-alpha I don't know). But, I feel there needs to be a background on the main menu, the plain blue is VERY bland. Also everything in the menu is blue, there needs to be another color to balance the amount of blue in the menu.

8. When ever you go to the friends area it says that, those that are online, are in the lobby. Even though none of my friends own the game... This also needs to be fixed.

Final Remarks: Overall the game is good, well ported, and has great potential! There are some major changes that need to be fixed but for now I will enjoy what I have. Good Luck HiRez team!

12-10-2016, 10:25 PM
Please add Xbox or for xbox or something similar to the title. that helps. :-)

12-11-2016, 12:33 PM
This is for Xbox One but I have to say this through another account because it wont let me log into my real one.