View Full Version : Evie's useless ability. (pls don't be mad)

12-08-2016, 02:48 PM
I took a good generalisation of all the champions in paladins, Evie struck me out for one reason. She is the only champion with one attack method (i lied, Rukus has only one attack method too)

Okay let me explain by this, she's a flanker so i will focus on flankers only.

Skye: Dart Gun and Toxic Dart Gun < Two Attacks
Buck: Shotgun and chain net < Two Attacks
Androxus: Revolver, Defiance and Reversal < Three Attacks

How am i defining attack you are definitely asking, attacks count as an ability that directly hurts or impedes the enemy. If an ability buffs an attack it is not an attack, merely a buff.

So Evie: which ability would i remove from her? Sorry to say it's her Ice Block.


Disclaimer, i love ice block, it's really cool and i love the idea of stuffing Evie in a Christmas Present.

it does not suit Evie's playstyle. Evie is mobile, quick and a good example of a glass cannon.
Her fundamental flaw is her accuracy and projectile. her ice staff is slow, real slow. the ice beams are small, real small. Now don't get your panties in a twist and certainly don't tell me to get good and practise more with her, just hear me out. Evie already can heal from her blink (RIP btw HiRez that was a cruel nerf) and thanks to her mobility she can flee from a fight in an instant via soar.

My fundamental question is: Why would a flank class want to be pinned to one spot?

Androxus doesn't stand still.
Skye doesn't stand still.
Buck doesn't stand still.

Know why? THEY GOT PLACES TO BE. Flankers need to be go go go go go go, go. standing still is counter-productive to a flanker and i feel HiRez added this to her because (trigger warning) Mei has it. They could of easily given Evie a Shotgun blast. Wouldn't that be cool? Her Alt attack changes her ice ammo into a shotgun blast like Buck. it's still the same ammo as her primary attack just you fire it differently. The Con would be it's got a huge damage drop-off but generally people who play Evie are so close to the enemy that in reality, accuracy isn't their concern, but the Ice Staff (Current Attack) is the equivalent of giving kinessa a shotgun, it's impractical, dangerous for the user and doesn't suit their playstyle.

I consider a Shotgun for Evie for the following reasons:

*It supports her Playstyle
*it adds a new attack method for her.
*it's less punishing for being inaccurate.
*it keeps her mobile.
*it allows her to combo attack like Buck, Skye AND Androxus (seriously all 4 of 'em can combo except Evie)
*HiRez might Buff her health to balance her losing the Ice Block, making her less glass more gash.
*you won't get surrounded by the enemy anymore.

12-08-2016, 02:56 PM
I'd just like a Frost Nova or something like it. Can be triggered off her too, I don't care, as long as it's instant.