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12-01-2016, 02:46 PM
This sub forum is like a salt mine but one thing that's gotten on my nerves recently is the Buck Topic

lets talk about the football playing monk raised by Bo Jackson in a NFL temple himself

First off bucks damage for a flank is Sub-par at best lets talk shotgun for a second.

1. low fire rate
2. low ammo compacity
3. slow reload
4. at its best without ult and net in does about 500 damage
5. its a shotgun there's spread and anything beyond point blank reduces your damage to pitiful levels
6. even at point blank you still may miss some pellets and as said missing pellets means losing damage
7.missing is very punishing

Buck needs ammo to fight he can bring six shots into an engagment but if he uses them all win the fight or flee he now needs to reload and that reload can take a while and put you in a bad position, this means buck is under the control of his ammo and his cool downs UNLESS... you take deft hands. Deft hands on buck is great it takes away some of the reload fear when it comes to fights but now you cant get carterize and one of bucks main targets medics become to hard to kill because bucks damage out put is so low and can be out healed long enough for the enemy team to save there medic. Buck is also really bad at fighting tanks (leave that to Mal Damba and cassie) and cassie.

How about his super jump me?

Well little Fez in my head his jump is amazing (with cards) but most bucks use it wrong Buck should be jumping UP not At jumping up makes you a harder target to hit because they have to look up then down again it's disorinting, but Buck revolves around his jump just as much as his ammo. If his ammo was his life blood his jump would be his sustenance everything he does revolves around it movement, engaging, disengaging, tackling the running back, playing pass interference, beating his loved ones, dodging you know EVERYTHING. So i would say the low cool down is warented and is pretty much fine i would like if at its lowest it was 4-5 maybe six at the most.


Well very annoying and load me in my head come closer... clooser... good now ima tell you very little secret from home land IT'S NOT THE REAL ISSUE. bucks healing is an overtime heal that gives back 1k HP every 10 seconds OMG 1000 HP OVER 4 SECONDS EVERY 10 SECOND SHUT THE FRONT DOOR THAT'S AMAZING... except there's a card with very general use that almost everyone picks called CARTERIZE it's
Bucks biggest weakness (next to anything that can out last him in a fight or out damage his heal or Heal themselves) even level one carterize can bring buck to his knees in the healing department anyone more than 6 feet away with carterize will make buck jump away and look for a new target. If you dont have carterize then you either retarded or can make up for not having it like androxus doesnt need it to fight buck cassie doesnt need it and mal damba doesnt need it either.

Now there is one problem with Bucks healing and thats a BS card known as siphon it's an abomonation that shouldnt exsist its to strong and needs to be nerfed


let me stop you right there small yet loud voice in head Bucks JOB is to 1v1-1v2 more than 2 people buck is screwed and needs to escape or he is dead really more than one and Buck is pushing it and he has a hard time 1v1ing with tanks because of there health shields and they almost always have a ying clone SHOVED UP THERE A..... uh i mean around them. no other flanker really suffers from what Buck does he cant pop in pick someone off and escape he has to fight tooth and nail in then fight his target then hope not to die when he escapes, the problem isn't that buck is OP its that Buck isn't a glass cannon like the other flanks and you cant 1v1 him as viktor

my idea for balancing buck is to nerf the hell outa siphon and tighten the spread on the shotgun so he can have just a bit more range and increase the cool down on his jump by like a second.

sorry if i made any awful errors in this post it took three hours to finish and i had i manage my service dog while typing the thing out so i was a bit distracted and lost my mind abit but im not re doing it so what ever it can live on as worst long post in forum history but i stand by the point Buck doesnt need to be nerfed into the ground like some of these idiots iv seen recently think if you want to beat back as viktor run the hell away and exploit your range i do it all the time and you can too.

12-01-2016, 05:12 PM
Yesterday while I was watching Patch preview there was many people tried to copy-paste "Buck Nerf", that was hilarious, I think most of them are Damage main especially Viktor lover. Then Hirez had done about Buck nerf in OB39, but many people still scream "Buck Nerf" in the rest of video.
This remind me the time before Skye nerf, many people said "Skye Nerf", and yeah, she got nerfed to the ground. Now noone remember Skye and I barely see the word "Nerf Skye" on every patch review after OB33 anymore :rolleyes:

12-01-2016, 05:29 PM
This Buck nerf is nothing, and even if Buck is destroyed, I can always rely on my Androxus and Evie to destroy Viktor mains.

I love flankers cause killing Viktors are so satisfying.

12-01-2016, 08:33 PM
the funniest thing is Buck is the least offensive flank androxus is picked in 99% of all games and Evie is fucking BOSS beyond all tangibal thought. yet buck is the target because he isnt the normal flank arch type this place is just flat out a garbage salt mine most of the time.

12-01-2016, 08:36 PM
Viktor the RUSH IN CAW OB DODDY MAAAN is the most satisfying character to kill in the game right up there with cassie and skye so many deep fuzzy feels.