View Full Version : Is a Skye rework neccessary? and potential Skye rework idea

11-30-2016, 06:57 PM
So in a previous post I talked about changes that could help Skyes initial kit becomes more useful to her and her team in game. What I did not touch on and some people clearly think this might be the case is her kit not working in the game and does it need a makeover?
Personally I think certain changes could save it however you could potentially make something alot better gameplay wise, while keeping the spirit and feel of the character in question. So my idea for her is pretty simple and revolves around bringing more synergy to her kit for more plays at the cost of her hidden. Hidden is Skyes main skill which comes with a big number of problems from bugs to other things but the main thing to be aware of is invisibility on a character that needs to get up close to deal damage is just far too easily countered regardless of damage. The proposition is simple;

A. Her smokebomb becomes ability she uses for invisibility with a possible buff and a card change up between the smokebom cards and the old Hidden ability cards like low health into invis, increase invis time, prep etc

B. Ninjutsu Art Body Swap Tag. We seem to be a bit afraid of applying mobility to Skye but with her Hidden gone how about an ability that allows her to trade places with the target she has marked allowing her to make plays on a counter gang or even do setups using her other abilities. So this could be pretty strong but its no direct use of mobility and can miss. With her hard invis not what it used to be this should be no problem being done if implemented properly and completely keeps the spirit of her gameplay and ninja character design

These changes will allow Skye to keep her stealthy theme but not make her directly stationed on a mechanic that is so easily dealt with and hard countered by a multitude of sources/variables that exist in the game. Considering just how anti invis this game is there should definitely not be any hard implementations of invis in a kit without mobility and of course doing that would just be broken so it only makes sense to lighten how invis works with something new she can drop to make plays with.

What do you guys think? Do you agree with me about how invisibility works in this game? Let me know and drop any other potential rework ideas you can concieve yourself. A special note to Hi-Rez engage us your community on this subject guys alot of people really wanna know if you really have any plans/ideas for Skye at all yourselves and if not is anything we are suggesting hitting home? Safe for reading everyone blessie!