View Full Version : 5 man premade matchmaking need to be FIXED hi-rez (PROOF)

11-27-2016, 04:39 PM
please please please listen to what I have to say.
This is not some rant about losing but there is a serious issue with the way 5 man premades are matched up right now.

I've played about 40-50 matches in the last days with just about the same 5 players as a full premade.
And we lost about 80% of all of those games and let me explain to you why and I'm not even exagerating here. The last 15 games I played you can see if you want here we lost 14 of the 15 games. http://paladins.guru/profile/pc/Juvator/matches I'm not even ashamed of losing so many games simply because there's nothing I can do against unfair matchup.

Now if you look at the playtime and experience of my teammates and myself you can see we are all around 30-40 level and for the most part most of us don't even have champs at lvl 10 yet.
Also it should be said that because you can only duo queue in competitive and that's why we are talking about Casual here. But trust me there is nothing casual about the level of play at the top 1% rated playerbase.

So what is happening right now is that 5 man premades are being queued with the highest level of play REGARDLESS of what their hidden elo's are. In any other game you often get put up against other 5 man premades of your OWN skillrating. But now in the last 40-50 games we did not play against another premade a single time, only versus random players and duo/trio queuers. And that would be fine by me... IF the matchmaking system would put us in our OWN skillrating. But if puts us between 300-600 ABOVE our skillrating. Resulting in just virtually all games end up in being basecamped because the skillgap is just too big. And i'm litterally not exxagerating when I'm talking about the amount of games we lost while playing as a 5 man premade simply because we are absurdly outmatched.

I cannot express how demotivating and dissapointing it is to be forced into such one-sided matches.
We are all players who've played between 50-150 hours and are around level 30-40 and we are playing ONLY against players with 250-500 hours played being lvl 50-100. it's so insanely out of our skillrange that I just cannot comprehend this. Often we even play against the same players 2 to even 3 times in a row, like there is nobody in this whole game other than those two players with 2500 elo versus scrawny 1700 elo players that we can be queued with.

And Hi-rez if you are AT ALL tracking matches then please for the love of god take a look at how you are matchmaking 5 man premades because its absolutely ridiculous.

11-27-2016, 05:57 PM
to add as well the following example.. this is one of MANY MANY games that we lost..

Look at the ELO difference.. it's just ridiculous...
These examples represent pretty much the last 50 games or so that I queued with 5man.

MAIN example Their Combined ELO = 13,845
Our combined ELO = 9745

http://paladins.guru/match/pc/44206058 <--- Main example.




Hi-rez.. how the bleep are you calling this balanced matchmaking.. seriously. This is absurd.

11-27-2016, 07:33 PM
to me this sounds like more of a player issue than a matchmaking issue

11-28-2016, 06:10 AM
to me this sounds like more of a player issue than a matchmaking issue

If you see the examples you can see i'm simply using and stating facts so no not a player issue.

It is only a playerissue in so far as that we are simply outmatched because MM matches us only versus high level players like I said. Seriously losing 14 games out of 15... virtually all games being basecamped..

It's a matchmaking issue plain and simple, the MM doesn't even try to match us with players of our own skill level it just puts us against the top 5% players without checking actual ratings.

And it's not like im just making this stuff up its pure facts and I read about these problems EVERYWHERE. and EVERYONE is saying that you shouldn't queue as 5 because the system matches you unfairly then.

Why does hi-rez want to prevent friends from playing together.

You call being matched up against players like this consistently: http://paladins.guru/profile/pc/Birda

Is fair..

We have don't even have that amount of playtime in total with 5 people..

11-28-2016, 08:51 AM
Wow, I'd love the chance to play against high elo opponents. Maybe the system is compensating because you as a 5-an premade have more communication than the randoms. maybe if you don't want to play against the same opponents, don't go in with a 5-man.

11-28-2016, 10:10 AM
MAIN example Their Combined ELO = 13,845
Our combined ELO = 9745

http://paladins.guru/match/pc/44206058 <--- Main example.

Its not really fair to do a numbers to numbers comparison like this. The guy you were playing here is quite possibly the best paladins player in the game. Now, you think that parties are inflating your Elo too high, but in this case, its not inflating Bird's high enough. The game ought to be stacking against Bird more.

I looked at a couple more, and they don't seem that unbalanced. wAveCS is a good player and is pulling your Elo up. which should happen. http://paladins.guru/match/pc/44308129 is a game you should have won. Assuming your individual elo is accurate.

11-28-2016, 10:28 AM
Holy fuck!

Meanwhile, we had things the other way around in our party.5 premade against terribly inexperienced players.
Stuff like this:

Note the level flickering. Our premade party was something like 15, 17, 25, 54, 72 and the enemy team was all about level 20~, being a full solo team with a large elo gap.