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11-21-2016, 05:07 PM
When will Buck be rebalanced?

I'm frustrated with this game right now, been losing all my matches for 2 days straight because of Buck clearing our lines from the back.

He has to much damage (like all other flanks) and on top of that enough HP that you need at least 3 guys to take him down.

This game overall feels unbalanced and frustrating:

- 35 Seconds to Start a Match is way to long;
- Everyone can pick whatever class they want, making newbies commit mistakes with teams (ex: no Support nor Front line in teams);
- Damage doesn't stand out from the other classes and in lots of cases has lower Damage per Bullet;
- Flank have way to much Damage;
- Support some have to much Damage, others can spam Heal and remain alive (tanking lots of damage);
- Front line yet another class with too much damage;
- Anti-Cheat non existent, and the developers are being extremely slow to tackle this.

But considering how long this game has been in development you guys want it this way, although it makes no sense and is unbalanced.

Right now the class names are nothing more than a pretty name, you can grab whatever class you want and play outside of it's role.

11-21-2016, 05:59 PM
Here's a tip for anyone having trouble with a flank champion: Run to your support or front line. I have been in so many situations where the back line fumbles around in a battle with the flank for the amount of time they could have gotten to their front line or support 4 times over. Teamwork is the key to dealing with flank!

11-21-2016, 06:47 PM
I have just spent an entire weekend of people picking Buck he was free (and Sha Lin because everyone wants to snipe I guess) and I have to say...I was rather unimpressed.

I have seen many Bucks ...not Buck...at all...thinking they're a front liner who can take on an entire enemy team and failing miserably. (There was one game where I finally got to play my man and it was hilarious..)

I do happen to notice 'cause I gave him a shot, that Androxus kills those damage snipers in the backlines faster than Buck...Defiance at point blank range + 1 LMB = 2020 in 1.7 seconds.

Buck would take at the most of 540 damage a shot at .9 seconds on main weapon damage alone, 4 shots to equal that, meaning 3.6 seconds..if you land all his pellets.
If you throw in a Heroic Leap + Net Shot + Bonus damage...about 2.7 seconds. for a total of 2132
If you're lucky and land all pellets + get two bonus damages of net shot + heroic leap, you'd still have done 1754 damage in 1.8 seconds...meaning that is another .9 seconds of his main gun to kill a squish...

I may be mathing wrong (I'm going off the numbers I see on the wiki)....but I'll continue

Androxus' LMB is 620 per .5, meaning that in 1.8 seconds, or two Buck shots, he'd get 1860, and in 2.3 seconds, he'd get that lethal 2480 for many non-frontliner champions.

Evie is the slowest RoF but at 930 per, 1.2 seconds? That's still 1860 damage in 2.4, and if you count Blink...that would be ~2400 in 2.4 seconds. Which is still more than Buck's...(barely)

Skye at 150 damage per .1 second can unload her 15 clip in 1.5 seconds for a total of 2250...and that's not including the bonus damage of poison darts yet.

So in other words, unlike all the other Flankers who can go in and kill your backline faster than they can go "what?" Buck actually has to duke it out, where as the other three, if the Evie is good...and I've seen great Evies...can pop up and kill without you knowing where they came from...

Also...if you're using 3 guys to kill one Buck, than that's two other guys not supporting the frontline...meaning it's a victory for Buck. I love it when 3 people chase me down when I'm Buck...gives my team time to bolster...


On a side note...I am glad that Buck's net doesn't cripple like it used to.
That was hell...

11-21-2016, 07:19 PM
Lol, buck is good atleast hes not impossible to kill sometime hes easy to kill.

11-21-2016, 08:06 PM
He clearly been playing against bad Bucks, cause in my matches Buck is played by skilled players who never take an encounter up front.

They always jumping around the place to flank us and evade, the only other flank character I seen doing this is Pip (but Pip has way lower HP than Buck hense it needs that evade skill).

Buck is not balanced to be a flank character, it has to much HP and evade skills on top.

11-21-2016, 08:33 PM
Especially today i met only bucks that did not die.
I wonder why, because before i had no problems against him.

11-21-2016, 08:34 PM
Defiance? Why, I've never heard of such thing.

Buck is a great duelist, but like any other champion, a tiny burst of damage will erase him from the map. Coordinate, cooperate, and you will prevail. Do not solo him if have an alternative.

11-21-2016, 10:47 PM
Yea Buck is really OP to CoD players, but to a person who plays the objective and sticks with a team... Buck is useless.