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11-18-2016, 02:56 AM
I've seen this Issue way to many times, but the shields of most Tanks are way to underpowerd (Talking about Barik, Ruckus)

With the perk (Card) Shield Wrecker the shield of Barik stands no chance 2 shots from a buck and the shield practicly down. You can't defend your Turrets as Barik with the shield... And note that i'm so USED to that my shield is so shit that i don't even use my barricade that much.

The shield on Ruckus the other has a shield he's carrying with him... If he gets shot he takes 50%-150%~ Damage when he's carrying it with him... So Ruckus isn't hard to take down.

In my opinion the shields are underpowered for these 2.. And i think there should be looked at them... Even now with the Nerf of barik :/ It's ridicilous how weak some of the ''tanks'' are now...

I hope someone can share this opinion with me... Or am i the only one that thinks that the tanks are not really tanks anymore?

And to add things up with Barik, People don't understand why Barik wasn't ''OP'' He was OP because of his Deploys, of fast and good play. If someone was smart enough to play against me with Bulldozer card i would've been DESTROYED if you look at my Guru Stats i have 6 loses~ Close to that and THOSE are the games that people actaully aimed for my Turrets.

Now i'm practicly UNDERPOWERED
And i've shitty movablity it's just sad that the Devs didn't look more in the issue... Barik was perfect how he was.. And now i'm consindering picking a new main because everything about him is going to shit.

11-18-2016, 04:45 AM
Never play ruckus alone he needs one more tank his side. But yeah ruckus needs buff.

11-18-2016, 04:52 AM
Your shield has 5000 HP without cards, a Wrecker 3 Buck causes 1350 a hit... it's not "two shots and the shied is pratically down", c'mon. Unless said Buck is using ult to break down your shield and decides wasting 2 seconds of ult for it is a good deal, in which case you should be laughing.

I agree that Ruckus got the short end of the stick(again) with the Wrecker buff. I even made a suggestion for 2(+1) buffs on him to make him decent(using Distortion Field anywhere, being able to Advance during ult, a card for extra jump distance on Advance). That said, his shield is weak due to the fact he's the only frontliner that can be very threatening at middle-range, not only up close. The one thing he desperatedly NEEDS is removing that silly "shield damage splashes into HP damage" thing he has.

Barik's turrets healing him has always been a pain(and I say that as a Fernando player), to the point I'm often buying Bulldozer first item to deal with it and always, always, go after his turret first the moment I get on the point. Thankfully Fernando's damage is AoE, so I manage to burn both most often than not(by the way, the change to Fernando's flamethrower was a stealth Barik buff, but I never see people talking about it).

Franky, as someone who also plays Barik, what got me mad was the 2 sec on Rocket boots. I mean, seriously? 12 seconds cd wasnt high enough?

11-18-2016, 11:28 AM
As a Rukus player, I really fell like Wrecker is too much of a game changer when the other team gets it. My emmiter becomes "useless". And I feel the same way when im playing against Rukus Wrecker is one of the first things I buy, because even lvl 1 it makes Rukus much more squishier.

I don't feel it is game-breaking, but annoys me a lot, because I don't feel that much of a difference when playing with Fernando, for example.