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11-10-2016, 05:32 AM
I mean well, Paladins has never really been balanced anyways but you know could always try and fix it's game.

Personally, I do not like Paladins, I prefer overwatch but I do still want to help out Paladins because all my friends play because they haven't got enough money for overwatch yet, and to help all those players.

I mean flanking classes are made to go behind enemy lines and deal damage correct? But you know, how do I put this, the flankers do more damage then the damage classes. Just admit, they need to be nerfed. For example, Evie; she does 1000 damage a shot and even if it's not a direct hit, even if 1 piece of splash hits them, it will do 1000 damage (obviously it's exaggerating but it's basically true). Skye, she just does WAY too much damage and shoots too fast. Androx does a lot of damage as well, seeing that he has a revolver, I'd say boost the speed but reduce the damage.

Another huge problem is Cassie, no damage falloff and no projectile falloff! What?! She can be sniping from half way across the map and it would be doing thousands of damage, yes I get that is a sniper but there is nothing balanced there, she shoots extremely fast, can sit back and shoot from her base to the control point and still be doing the same damage as if she was up close, she reloads in like 1 second, she fires like every .5 second. She is just so unbalanced.

Although in the game, most champions and cards are overpowered, some things are extremely under powered, for example grohk his healing totem just can't match any other healing, it heals so little, you even nerfed it when it was bad already.

There are other things that are unbalanced and under powered but they are not as concerning such as these.

Also if you could really tell me truly, if you got ideas from overwatch, because obviously you did, I mean cmon you just picked out random skills and put them into random heroes, hell I'll even make a list.

Champion ripoffs:

Fernando - Reinhardt
(has a shield and can charge)

Ruckus - D.va & Zarya
(in a suite that fires a machine gun, can dash forward; can put a shield)

Drogoz - Pharah
(has a skill to fly, shoots missiles, can knockback)

Bombking - Junkrat
(can turn into a bomb and rolls to the enemy and explodes)

Grover - Zenyatta & Widowmaker
(Ultimate's are 100% identical; can shoot a hook)

Evie - Mei
(can turn into an ice block and heal, ultimate spawns a circle of ice that slows down and damages over time)

(a soldier who uses an assault rifle and can sprint)

Cassie - Widowmaker
(Ultimate's are 100% identical)

Grohk - Soldier 76
(Puts down a healing totem that heals, and also has a circle showing where heals)

Pip - Winston
(can jump around)

Buck - Winston
(can jump around)

Skye - Tracer
(Ultimate's are very similar)

Barik - Torbjorn
(small dwarf, puts down different turret but both have a shot gun)

Kinessa - Widowmaker
(Can put traps and can either swap from a machine gun or sniper)

Sha Lin - Hanzo
(well you could consider this racist but I don't mean it, both asian and both have to draw back a bow dealing insane damage)

Makoa - Roadhog
(Big guy who can hook people)

Androxus - Mcree & Genji
(has a revolver, can fan the hammer, has a dash and reflect)

The game is a capture the point, then push the payload game.

Now this may not be 100% exact but it is SO similar.

Just please fix the under powered and overpowered and just admit, you took lots of ideas from overwatch, hell even if you admit you copied it'd be good.

Your's Sincerely


11-10-2016, 05:59 AM
I don't get the point of comparing characters. You missed Sombra is a copy of Skye by the way.

11-10-2016, 07:11 AM
"...because they haven't got enough money for overwatch yet"

Again that stupid "argument"

11-10-2016, 07:42 AM
This is not needed.