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11-08-2016, 08:08 AM
EDIT: TL; DR: read the bolded parts

All frontliners are made around specific concepts, with their advantages and disadvantages:

- Fernando is the quintessential Frontliner, being big(attracts attention/attacks), bulky(highest HP) is only able to hit the enemies from close-up(assuring he will engage them) and has the highest mobility of them all, enabling him to cause mayhem in the enemy's line, breaking them and taking away the heat off your teammates. His disadvantages are his low burst potential, inability to do anything but lob a 9 sec cd fireball at range(meaning you can kite him) and the fact if the enemy team keeps their cool they might realize you charging ahead is giving yourself in a silver plate for them, while if he stand back with the shield up he makes himself harmless and easily avoidable. His ult gives his teammates four seconds of extra dps to compensate the fact he does close to nothing at range, working also as a counter to other's ults.

- Makoa is built around disrupting the enemy's plays and eliminating a single target as quickly as possible, with a bit of contribuition of his teammates. Because of the spherical nature of his shield, he's also godly in protecting them from flankers, often blocking damage from two or three directions at once. While his HP is lower than Fernando's and his shield has a close-up weakness, he has the best recovery card in the game, allowing him to heal up to 1k for every hero hit with his shell smash - and considering they are often inside his shield's area, at least one hit is guaranteed. His weaknesses are his size(easy to hit), high cooldowns on every skill(meaning he can't run away/shield as often) and the glaring weakness of his shield, aka the area between the shield border and himself. His ultimate takes advantage of said weakness: it heals him to full, his max HP more than doubles, and he causes aoe melee damage with every swing(with a surprising range, almost as big as Fernando's flamethrower). With the enemies close, either after a shell smash into them or after being hunted, they usually die.

- Barik on the other hand is a different kind of frontline: he's not supposed to put himself in front of his team to block hits, but rather cause chaos in the enemy lines... while taking out targets of opportunity. In that way, he works as a middle-point between Makoa and Fernando: he's supposed to both put the enemy in disarray by moving around frequently by forcing them to divide their attention/turn around/retreat, and to cause rather good burst damage on marked targets to take them out quickly. Having the smallest model of all frontliners he's uniquely able to avoid being burst down quickly while doing so, and he also doesn't have to pick between doing so and protecting his teammates with his shield - he can have his cake and eat it too. It's good to mention that his turrets don't cause a lot of damage, but they work independently and their shots are very visible - pretty much working as a warning beacon for your team against flankers. His disadvantages are having the lowest total health of all frontliners, making it hard to weave around people with real good aim, the fact his turrets can be destroyed quickly to cut down on his efficiency, and the immobile nature of his shield(allowing the enemy to simply walk around it when possible). His ultimate works as a get away from here card that differently from other ults that do the same thing, also protects allies in said area.

Now comes our problem: Ruckus. He has the highest damage potential of all frontliners, being the only one of them who can utterly destroy multiple enemies at medium range. Like Barik, he doesn't need to stop attacking for even a second to deploy his shield, and he can also give his nearby allies a 50% reduction of damage taken for a three seconds. The fact he has two charges of his mobility skill means he can round corners or back up if something unexpected happens. His weaknesses are having the worst mobility of the game, even accounting for two charges on his mobility skill, the worst shield(both because it has really low duration/power and because wrecker bonus damage bleeds into his HP on the hit that depletes his shield), and the fact he needs to be on the point to use his damage reduction skill - forcing people to be there with him. His ultimate calls forth even more direct damage, pulverizing everything... that doesn't break LoS.

His concept sees to be being able to outright win with sheer firepower any direct confrontation. The problem is, this is a game built around mobility, and the one hero with an area-limited skill has the worst mobility, exactly what would be needed for him to be able to make use of it. This forces Ruckus' team to play around him, instead of him being able to bring something for the team like every single other frontline does. Worse, while every single other hero mentioned above has an ultimate that mitigates their disadvantages, Ruckus' accentuate them! Not being able to move during his ultimate makes it hilariously easy to deal with, and I've lost count on how many times I laughed, hidden behind a payloard card, while I had an angry Ruckus spend his ultimate three feet from me.

So, the million-dolar question is: how to fix it?

The first idea that comes to the mind is to give him more speed to fit better with the other three frontliners, and become slightly better at using his Repulsor Field... but that would work as a bandaid at most, and wouldn't solve the problem at all. Not to mention that a fast Ruckus wouldn't fit his concept, which is a worse crime, in my opinion.

So, my proposal to solve the lack of synergy between his concept and the application of his skills is simple. Only two points, really.

- Allow him to use Repulsor Field anywhere. Balance the skill if necessary, but this is essential.
The reason for this one is simple: Ruckus can't do his job as a frontliner, at all, without access to this skill. He's balanced around it. His bad mobility as a frontliner already means your team has to play around you, and because of this, being dehorsed away from the point ends up being a death sentence for your team - since, I can't stress this enough, he can't do his job as a frontliner without Repulsor Field. Not to mention that the damage heroes and flankers can't afford to jump on the point with you! This change would allow him to work as a beacon of protection for his team anywhere, for a few seconds at least, meaning he'd actually be doing his job instead of only being a worse second Viktor. He'd have much more flexibility as well.

- Allow him to use his movement skill during his ult. No, not walk, not run, just jump twice if you have the cooldown up.
This would allow him to ult behind corners and jump around to surprise enemies, retreat/dodge stuff thrown your way(beind sniped during ult is not a laughing matter), and get smartasses in cover three feet away from you. It wouldn't be game-breaking, because, frankly, he can't jump that far(which would be a nice card, by the way, extra jumping distance).

Both changes above(wih a possible fix to the Wrecker issue) together, would by themselves lift Ruckus a couple tiers, and then we would be able to actually see and use him as a true frontliner, instead of a pseudo one. As I see it, current Ruckus is simply a hero that makes you win more - if you were already winning, that is - and not one that is able to turn the tide of battle in your favor, like the others are able to.

Your thoughts on my proposed changes? Did I miss anything?

11-08-2016, 09:14 AM
Both seem like really good points, imho. I'm curious to see what others think, but both using his mobility skill during ult and tweaking the mechanics of his repulsive field seem like pretty fair changes.

11-08-2016, 09:27 AM
I've always thought that Ruckus didn't really function well as a frontliner. The others can shield their allies, but Ruckus' abilities are geared more towards his own benefit. Even his Q, which does help his team, isn't really as effective as the others' shields. Say if you are trapped in spawn, then there is no way of using his Q. Ruckus seems more like a secondary frontliner, one who would do well paired with Barik.

11-08-2016, 11:40 AM
I do like the ideas for fixing Ruckus. It'd be interesting to hear the reason for limiting his damage reduction ability to only be used around the point. I can't imagine Ruckus as a functional flanker with this ability but I don't know what the previous incarnations of Ruckus have been. Being able to use boosts during the ultimate might be counter intuitive to new players. Other than that it seems necessary given how much mobility is in the game.

11-08-2016, 10:00 PM
I have this wild idea that I totally didn't just conceive just now. Rework ruckus so that he has a similar kit to what he does in his suit BUT make it so he can get out of it and twerk. :cool:

11-09-2016, 02:06 AM
Ruckus is a strong frontline if your team have a Makoa/ Fern/ Barik

As a lone frontliner he is an awkward champion.

11-09-2016, 05:54 AM
Ruckus is amazing in giving covering fire and suppressing the enemy. With max level Wrecker he can make Frontliners run away for seeing their shields shatter like swiss cheese.

11-09-2016, 09:32 AM
Ruckus is the off-tank the same way Pip is the off-support.

He is a hybrid of two roles which is why he isnt top tier in his primary role.

Pip is a flank/support hybrid.

Rukus is an attack/front-liner.

He is fine as is. Having hybrid classes allows for more diverse options. Just play him differently. As more champions are added, there will surely be more hybrid options, and that's okay.

11-09-2016, 10:13 AM
Ruckus can be good alone if he has strong aggressive teammates around him.

11-09-2016, 04:22 PM
Ruckus can be good alone if he has strong aggressive teammates around him.

I'm not an aggressive player. In games like this, I love having a teammate that can put offensive pressure on the enemy so that I can hang back behind them and do my thing. Ruckus is pretty cool in that he can apply that kind of pressure at range, not just laying down fire, but as a distraction that grabs enemies attention while damage dealers move in for the kill. I've just played him for the first time earlier today, but I like that about him.

11-09-2016, 05:56 PM
Ruckus can be good alone if he has strong aggressive teammates around him.

Agreed, but he is much more reliant on another front-liner or a healer to survive in the ring against major damage dealers, namely Bomb King and Skye when it comes to Ruckus.

However, as stated by TFMonkey:

Ruckus is the off-tank the same way Pip is the off-support.

Therefor it is much harder for him to straight tank like the other Front-liners and also makes him vulnerable to much more durable tanks. As I did say, however, Ruckus can destroy the enemy if paired with a quality healer or another front-line; he's basically the "Supportive Tank." After playing him for a while, I really don't think that he needs too much work and I feel that he can stand alone once you learn how to play him.

My suggestion for those wishing to main him: hit-and-run on defense and stand-ground on offense. (Sounds weird, but it works).

11-12-2016, 11:34 PM
He doesn't need more speed just more tank all they need to do is remove the shields on teammates on objectives to just putting shields on teammates that are around him in a general area so he can shield players without having to be focused down.

11-13-2016, 03:32 PM
Ruckus needs more skins.

11-13-2016, 04:56 PM
I agree with you completely, but I feel as though that another solution to buffing him would be increasing the damage reduction on his ult to 50%. It might sound a bit redundant but hear me out. This will make it so you aren't such an easy target when using your ult. The lowered movement speed makes you nigh-immobile, a mere 10% damage reduction does little to counteract this. I like the idea of using Propel during ultimate but I think it'll look a bit stupid seeing a mech suit jet away with about 6 weapon attachments on it. And yes, Repulsor Field NEEDS to be able to be used away from an objective. The concept of that weakness is so broken, and only serves to make him weaker. I think his Emitter needs more health as well, or at least he needs to have a card that gives his Emitter more Shield sort of like Towering Defense for Fernando or Barricade for Barik.