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11-06-2016, 02:55 AM
To make this forum tidy, i will gather all my ideas here instead of making new thread everytime i have new idea(s). Everytime new idea(s) added, i will bump this thread to make it visible to the devs.
I will also mark if one or more ideas in here are already implemented, or rejected (by the devs ofc).

So, here we go...

Role Balance
We have 4 roles (frontline, support, flank, damage). And as we all know, a team should have all of them to play properly. But, sometime people would just go 3 damages + 2 flanks, or any other combination with 1 role missing (for example: 2 supports, 1 flank, 2 damages, 0 frontline).
To balance it, we need a feature which:
>> Disables a role if the team already picked 2 champions from that role. So, if a team already picked 2 flanks, then the rest of flank champions will be unable to pick.
>> Disables picking 2 champions of the same role if there's already another role that has 2 picked champions. For example: 2 Damages already picked, then remaining roles can only be picked once each, to make it 2 Damages, 1 Flank, 1 Frontline, 1 Support.
>> [Optional]: This feature is only available for competitive matchmaking. OR, it's available in both matchmaking but only in Siege mode.