View Full Version : My Opinion on all of the champs.

11-05-2016, 03:43 PM
Mal'Damba - Currently the best healer for healing's sake. Has amazing heals with short cooldowns and can get pretty hard to kill. A very good pocket healer who, if separated from the team, can be destroyed if he misses his reload. Very well balanced.

Androxus - Slightly overpowered. Does a bit too much stuff a flank should not be allowed to do. He can easily get in and out of battle and his revolver is extremely good. Should be toned down in certain ways, maybe in ability cooldowns?

Barik - Very slightly overpowered. Can become a huge problem without a Drogoz to take care of his turrets. Falls off sharply late game thanks to cauterize.

Bomb King - Very balanced. Jolt IV is easily countered by a movement skill for most characters.

Buck - Again, balanced. Does have insane sustain but can't focus on more than one opponent. Sustain is useless if you have cauterize.

Cassie - Insanely broken. Arrows are so fast they're almost hitscan, if you miss then the enemy might walk into them. Very hard to miss with her arrows thanks to their size, too. Deals too much damage and has way too much mobility. Needs a decent nerf in damage and or mobility.

Drogoz - Very powerful, but easily countered by most flanks. Nothing more to say.

Evie - Very large skill curve, but extremely powerful in the right hands. Keep her this way, she needs no buffs nor any nerfs. Any buff would make her too powerful and any nerf would make her too weak.

Fernando - Broken. Too much health for how much damage he does. His chasing potential was nerfed but it's not quite enough for how well he can keep the point compared to other tanks. Nerf wrecker and nerf his flame lance damage slightly.

Grohk - Slightly underpowered, needs his totem to be much more durable and needs to be invincible or have 90% damage reduction during his ultimate.

Grover - Very inconsistent. Has the most powerul heals in the game over time but doesn't have the required ordinance to back it up. A certain reddit user came up with a rework that turns him into a melee again. Seems very good. Take pointers, Hi-Rez.

Kinessa - Very bad when focused on. If she isn't focused on she is absolutely horrifying. But if there's a flank with an equal skill level she's useless. Needs to be slightly reworked instead of just buffs.

Makoa - His shield needs a numbers buff. Other than that, he's fine.

Pip - Probably the most well balanced character in the game. Good CC, supplemental heals, and nice damage. Overall pretty good with a good player.

Ruckus - Definitely needs a buff in some ways. His self sustain and team sustain aren't enough. Only good when there's another tank in the group. Maybe make repulsor field last longer.

Skye - Ranges from great to terrible due to her mobility and how stealth works. Needs smoke bomb and hidden to be combined and an ability for vertical movement on her F. Stealth needs an entire rework.

Viktor - In a good place. Can dish out a ton of damage but not as much as a Cassie. No changes are needed.

Ying - The recent nerf to her clone duration made her balanced. Very good in the right hands but if the enemy team has a good flank she's done.