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11-03-2016, 09:23 PM
I’m creating this thread to explain my thoughts on what a good meta for Paladins would look like and how it could be achieved and to also try to spark some community discourse around the subject.
So, what is the current meta in Paladins? Right now, it’s a very Frontliner focused Meta but not in the way most people think. Currently the most popular builds for all Frontliners at a high-level play are very selfish and Off Tank styled. Fernando runs a Charge and Fireball focused builds to be aggressive and get into the backlines, Makoa runs Hook and Spin focused builds and does the same, Barik while slightly different plays the same selfish playstyle by focusing on his Turrets and keeping himself alive. Generally, the rest of the team comp consists of either DPS or Flankers. Healing Supports have seen a huge drop off in usage due to the insane strength of Cauterize.

What Should the Meta Look Like?: I believe strongly that Paladin’s Meta should be balanced around 1 Main Tank, 1 Support Healer, and 1 Damage and leaving the last two slots open for the choosing of the team or the player. I think this keeps thing consistent and nicely balanced while also providing interesting team comps. Depending on the team you could see 1 Tank, 1 Healer Support, 2 DPS, 1 Utility Support or 1 Main Tank, 1 Off Tank, 1 Healer Support, 1 Damage, and 1 Flanker or 1 Main Tank, 1 Healer Support, 3 Damage. There’s a lot of options to fit a set of Champions to how you and/or a team like to play. I would love to see Professional Teams who run 2 Supports because 1 of their players is Godly at playing Mal’Damba and Pip and they molded their playstyle around that. I think this would make a very beautiful, easily understandable, and deep meta.

Why is the Meta the Way it is Now?: There are a few reasons why the Meta is currently in such on odd state. These reasons include; Veteran, Wrecker, Cauterize, the early game strength of Frontliners, certain cards being too strong, Snowballing credits, and role problems. I will go deeper into each one as I go along.

Veteran: Veteran in it’s current state is far too strong on Frontliners, it solves one of their major issues when going aggressive and that’s regenerating health. A frontliner can go deep into the enemy backlines shield away and be back at full health in a few seconds. This turns Frontline meat shields into backline stalkers who can just sit behind the enemy team and waste a ton of time and do a ton of damage. Frontliners in their current state probably have some of the highest feasible DPS because they have so much HP and ways to stay alive and continuing doing damage.

Wrecker: this item is one of the two prime reasons we don’t see shield focused Frontliners. This item absolutely trashes Tanks in the mid and late game making any card that focuses on the shield near useless outside of the very early stages of the game (where tanks are already insanely strong). This results in builds that focus on damage and backline threatening becoming much stronger as they don’t fall off nearly as quickly as shield focus builds. It also results in a very spikey power curve. Tanks are insanely strong early on, become mediocre by mid game, and horrible by end game. It also effects DPS heroes as well resulting in quite a weak early game but a very strong late game. My proposal to fix this would be to change the scaling on the item to something like 70%, 85%, 100%. This would result in a much smoother transition for all roles; reducing the strength of tanks early on and increasing their strengths later resulting in a power curve that would look more like shield focused tanks are great early game, good mid game, and Mediocre late game.

Cauterize: Cauterize also effects the late game viability of tanks but effects Healing Supports even harder. This has left Supports being left out of a lot of high level drafts and makes the Healing Support power curve even more spikey than Main Tank Shield Focused Champions. They start off the game Strong, then become bad, then become near useless. My purposed changes for Cauterize would be like that of Wrecker. I would change the scaling to 30%, 45%, 60%. This would allow for supports to scale much more smoothly into the mid in late game while still letting Cauterize to counter a very healing focused composition.

Snowballing: Snowballing is a huge issue right now; it was an issue before OB37 but has been amplified by the Role Credits change. The Role Credits doubled all the credits you get for doing role specific actions, this was a flat increase to the overall credit gain. There’s two problems with this; one is that the in-game economy wasn’t balanced around an increase in credit gain and two these credit gain buffs effect the winning team far more than the losing team. Items are coming out much faster than they did before due to the increase in overall credit gain which has turned the in-game economy on it’s head. The worst part about it is that the only players who see this increase are the ones on the winning team. Objective time, Solo Kills, Healing Done, and Damage Done are all stats that are significantly higher on the team that’s winning versus the team that’s losing. This all boils down to if you win the first point fight you are in an excellent position to just snowball over your enemies. Hi-Rez needs to find away to support good play while not giving the winning team such a drastic advantage. Higher defense credits might work along with some tweaks to the Role System. Champion

Roles: This is a big one that was made even more serious by how Drybear addressed it. In OB 37 Dev Insight Drybear says and I quote “Our goal going into this patch, this last patch OB 36 was to try and clearly identify what the intended role for every champion is.” This statement would be fine if there wasn’t such an identity crisis is the Support Role. Ying’s “intended role” is not the same as Pip’s “intended role”. These two supports play vastly differently; one providing strong healing, decent damage, and good survivability and the other providing low healing, good damage, and good CC and utility. Hi-Rez the game needs to identify these two types of Champions in different roles. This isn’t even getting into Support Champions that need a ton of changes like Grohk or a full-blown rework like Grover. For more detail, here’s a thread on my thoughts on the current situation surrounding Supports https://www.reddit.com/r/Paladins/comments/5ak52b/the_problem_with_supports/
To continue off this I would like to talk about how the Role System punishes roles like Off Tanks, Flankers, and certain DPS such as Bomb King. The system needs to be more inclusive and Supports need to be split into categories or changed.

11-03-2016, 09:29 PM
The credit system is a bit messed up now. A long comp match with Nando or Barik and you can consistently get 4-5k credits and all cards maxed.