View Full Version : In-Game Currency Issue - Payload

11-01-2016, 11:27 PM
I love the in-game currency and mid-match purchasing. I think it adds a lot to this type of game, even if it was done in Battleborn first, this standardizes the gear which Battleborn needed to do, but didn't. That being said, we have an issue here with the Payload match...

Payload should start with 1000 gold and double the accrual. A maximum match time in Payload is set in stone. After the first round, everyone has to start from scratch. That being said, the ability throughout the push to counter buy is very minimal, leaving almost no influence on the game. I often have 2 purchases, maybe 3, when the match ends and I have to start over. Giving all players a bit more to start with and letting money build up a bit quicker in match would make the system relevant in a mode where it's basically pointless.

As always, thoughts?