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10-28-2016, 07:59 AM
Skye's kit is utter trash in the current game and needs a proper buff to make her viable. I think this needs to be done in a way that won't cause an outcry among most of the casual players. Because despite most complaints on this forum, she is actually pretty useless, with very hard counters that are able to shut her down. Let me just summarize all the great weaknesses she has.

General Gameplay
Target Marking:
Target marking mechanics shut you down and render all clever decision making completely useless. This stupid ass mechanic makes all mindgames obsolete because a simple auto-target turret, Andro shot, Kinessa shot, Viktor shot or Cassie can reveal you for 2-4 seconds. If you get hit you have to wait out the reveal buff basicly before you can make any move. It doesn't help the fact that sometimes you will absorb stray shots during invisibility.

No Escape Kit:
Every other character in the game has an escape ability except Skye. If you fight close combat and want to escape you'll likely throw a smoke or use hidden, but the thing is you can still see Skye if you chase her. Her only option of actually getting away is putting points into her movespeed cards.

Bomb King:
Even if you initiate first from behind all he needs is 2 bombs to kill you. Which is fairly easy to do at close range as BK. So he's able to kill you before you can empty your clip upon him. Attempting a kill on BK is a 50/50 situation. But he also has Poppy Bomb in his kit which serves as a cheap "get-out-of-jail" card. So forget about killing this guy unless he's below kill percent.

Same as bomb king, difficult to initiate because her arrows destroy you. When you empty your first clip she's still standing. The worst part about having a Cassie on the opposing team is that her ultimate completely shuts you down. This ultimate means certain death if you are anywhere near an opponent.

You'd think this would be an easy job, but her rifle actually does a number on you. Not to mention you have to deal with her slow before you can even kill her. The only redeeming factor in this matchup is that most Kinessa players are stupid.

Base Damage
Two Clip Kills:
I already pointed this out in the matchup part, but to kill a 2000hp character you need to use two clips. Skye's gun feels like a pea shooter, it's ridicolous. While characters around 2000hp can turn around and kill you faster than you can kill them. Your only option is make sure that they're clearly busy fighting and praise that they won't notice you before it's too late. Basicly all reload cards and items essential to her build.

Poison Bolt
-Skye's second ability is basicly something you spam along with your pea shooter and doesn't even feel like a real ability. Decently balanced though.

-Many characters have target marking which makes hidden useless.
-Invisibility without speed card makes it pretty much useless.
-Getting behind characters take way too much time compared to other flankers who does a better job at killing as well. Skye just isn't time effective.

Smoke Bomb
-Her AOE blind effect does not impact clusters of characters because of target marking. So it's basicly useless.
-Going into the cloud does not give you permanent invisibility while inside. This is something that bothers me, it would seem like an elementary thing once you play her for the first time. Since the smoke cloud remains, but after firing your first shot while inside it's gone. Making this ability just another Hidden ability really, because this ability has no effect in teamfights.

Time Bomb
-Is the only thing decent about this character. If you aren't getting the item for reducing ultimate coldown you aren't playing Skye optimally.

With all that said i believe needs some drastic buffs to her kit.
Here are a few of minor suggestions to make her relevant again.
Suggestion Changes
Cassie Reveal:
During Cassie reveal, Skye shouldn't be revealed during her invisibility. Since being revealed means certain death to Skye and is way too strong as a hard-counter. Alternatively all characters are shown as red blobs during Cassie ultimate so that Skye remains indistinguishable amonst the characters.

One Clip One Kill:
This is the biggest deal breaker about Skye. Her gun is a pea shooter that can't kill DPS characters like BK, Cassie and Kinessa.

Smoke Bomb:
This ability needs to change, i don't know how, but it should have an effect during team clusters. Because she's completely useless against team clusters untill she gets her bomb.

10-28-2016, 11:40 AM
Hate to tell you this, but you simply arent good enough with skye, she can easily take out BK and cassie as long as you poison them first, yes with only one clip, Thing is, poison bolts are the base of all your burst, DoS damage, reduced heals and 30% more damage, even if you dont manage to kill them instantly with one clip your poison will probably finnish the job for you. Hidden and Smoke bomb are not only your scape options as long as you dont run straight to your enemies face they will probably wont be able to see you and follow you unless you are in a closed hallway, besides smokebomb makes all allies invisible to your enemies as long as they are inside of it, and about the time thing as long as you have a decent loadout, you should be able to reach the back of the battlefield as fast as any other flanker. Id recommend you practice a little more with the character because if an actual kinessa manages to kill you then you are doing it wrong, terribly wrong.

10-28-2016, 11:49 AM
I entirely disagree with Skye getting a "One Clip Kill" right now, or at least so long as she has the fire rate she has right now.

If you allow her to kill someone in a single clip you are just going to piss off everyone who already hates Skye by making her burst damage even easier, and giving even smaller possible reaction time to Skye unloading on someone.

Smoke Bomb itself however could stand to be changed, perhaps add in a Damage Per Second effect to it so if you toss it at enemies they'll be punished with constant damage should they stay in the cloud.

Alternatively anyone inside the cloud could also have Daze inflicted upon them, making their accuracy drop in addition to not being able to see.

10-28-2016, 11:56 AM
I see you are upset because you lost 5/6 games. Lets take this point by point.

Base damage: she does 2250 damage per clip in 1.5 seconds. So if you can aim you can kill anyone under or at 2250 health if they don't have haven. Plus you have built in aggression with your poison bolts increasing your damage to 2587 damage. Plus you will take out 30% of their hp.

Poison bolts: As stated it is you built in aggression card plus damage over time base on max hp. However it is also your built in cauterize by removing healing by 50%.

Invisibility: I only run 15% movement speed and I am able to run away with lower then 10% health a lot of the time. Why? I don't run in a straight line. Straight lines are the easiest things to track. Also without this you would not be able to kill at all really since how short your range is.

Smoke Bomb: This is your best escape ability. They don't know which way you ran plus it can help your team out a bit. Only use this as your offensive ability if you know you only need to be cloak for 2 seconds.

Time Bomb: This is how you know you are bad at the game. Her ult is a scare tactic that no longer scares anyone. An Evie can live it now. Never go morale boost.

So over all you are just bad with her and I would recommend Victor for you to play. I am all up for a Skye buff but not for the reasons you gave.

10-29-2016, 06:26 AM
Skye ultimate is nerf, but i still can agree with it, because i can plant it in the right way to take down 5 just with ultimate in siege mode.
Maybe you are using the default deck, Try to optimize the deck if you are good with it skye is untouchable.

But, i also agree with you about the Smoke Bomb. ez killed by ruckus / viktor if you try to escape with smoke bomb because they can fire to anywhere and skye still get hit.

10-29-2016, 07:36 AM
I still do fairy well with Skye. Granted, I've played lots of stealth classes over the years, so it might just be my style. I haven't played competitive yet, so that could drastically change. I tend to open with smoke bomb though, not try and escape with it. Hidden with run speed gets you out of stuff so much easier and helps against illuminate if someone uses it, because you are so much quicker. I always try to have one up, and alternate them the best I can. If your opening fails, immediately stealth away and reposition. Do not hang in the open if at all possible. Time bomb is all about where and when you drop it.

10-29-2016, 10:37 AM
Buffing Skye base damage? Really? Give her a lazor gun which deals 999 dmg/sec with 99 charges then! LMBO
A good Skye player can outflank you so easily and deal heavy damages before you can even realize what's happening.

The only thing which we could talk about is her Ult.: surely it is powerful, but maybe it could be tweaked somehow.

11-10-2016, 07:43 AM
To the point of her primary: I think she needs higher accuracy, period. She needs some range. Not a ton, but some. Right now you have to essentially land every shot you can to do the kind of damage Kinessa can do in one shot or Cassie can do in two. Maybe it's just me, but from all the time that I've played a broad swath of the game's roster, Skye doesn't do enough damage reliably enough in the same kind of window that even other Flankers can.

I've been saying to a lot of folks (mostly off-fourms) for weeks now:

If Skye is never going to have any vertical/3D movement, Smoke Screen needs to be a self-cast base 3s stealth that starts instantly and has a WASD-influenced lunge component. That gives her the ability to zone in and out and gives Skye a dramatically new twist in being able to dart in or out of danger if she needs to-- and often times, she needs to. The smoke puff does nothing but paint a gigantic target for the enemy team to scream "FIRE EVERYTHING IN THIS VAGUE DIRECTION." More often than not, even my own allies avoid it because it offers no functional protection or benefit whatsoever.

I can't even begin to count how many times I've popped either Hidden or Smoke Bomb and had half the roster bum rush straight at me so the stealth reveal mechanic kicks in and then no matter where I run for the next few seconds, I'm getting shot down. Cassie is especially notorious for this, as her dodge roll's distance is insane.

As one person noted above, Ruckus can basically make short work of Skye from across the map. With how finicky the game is and how weak the stealth component of Skye's kit is in practice, I've had more than one experience where turret auto-tracking and slow mines have revealed me and I was far enough away they shouldn't have-- and the second those detect you, any advantage you ever may have had with stealth is negated instantly. The second a smartly-played Kinessa has you marked by those mines, she's got Skye-- a character with zero CC mitigation without burn cards-- dead to rights.

The most frustrating part about me suggesting this revamped version of Smoke Screen for so long is that this is basically exactly what they gave Sha Lin off the bat, so she's probably going to not ever going to get this kind of revamp.

@Shalashaska87B Her ult can't take any more nerfs. It can be blocked by all shielding mechanics in the game regardless of duration or shield "HP" without penalty, it can be LOS'd insanely easily, and you can just straight-up walk the other way and take reduced or zero damage from it. If a Skye lands a multikill with it now, it's because they're either extremely lucky or they know exactly when and where to place it. Even Hi-Rez has put their foot down on the matter and said "no more Time Bomb nerfs" in one of their patch shows. I think for OB36?

11-11-2016, 02:53 AM
-1 more bullet
-1 more poison bolt

Perfect skye :P