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10-24-2016, 11:09 PM
i just started playing this game on thursday? (patch OB 35) and all my champions are level 4 or some are 6,
my impression is that Evie is the most in need of a buff, and Viktor is the most in need of a nerf

Evie needs a buff... i guess she could blink with ice block before? .. i think she needs that back, really bad!
evie is mobile, but Skye is even better, with her movespeed buffs from the cards, Skye totally outclasses evie, making evie a terrible pick, and i NEVER once seen anyone take the Item that increased stealth sight..
... and Kinessa can One Shot Evie??? thats lame as hell

EVERYONE just waits for you to get out of ice block and kills you IMMEDIATELY its not even funny, its totally broken!
i even press blink, do ice block and blink back (the card that lets you blink back)
and i die like this:

blink glitch:
iam at position A , i blink to position B .. someone shot me at position A but i blink to B and die at B

i seen another person ingame chat complain about the glitch too, so its not just me

10-24-2016, 11:33 PM
There is actually a small delay whilst you are blinking during which you can be shot, and it is intended so that Evie is not constantly escaping.

The Ice Block + Blink Combo should DEFINITELY not make a return, as it has always made Evie incredibly safe by allowing her to go invincible and then Blink away, with no chance to actually stop her.

10-24-2016, 11:44 PM
nah ive had it where i blink and die at the destination where no one could have possibly hit me,
its a glitch
(and i was playing a different character and an evie on my team was like "WTF! guys, i blinked and i died after i blinked with no one around" and iam like "yeah its a glitch ive had it happen a couple times too")

and ice block is useless against like 65 percent of players, they kill you, one shot IMMEDIATELY when you exit ice block, its insane, litterally like the milisecond when its over idk how they do that.. they know the timing, its suuper lame, makes the skill useless

they aim the head during ice block and ur dead, its REALLY dumb

i REALLY like her character, i like her skills, but i feel like a moron/ jerk hurting my team, picking the worst character in the game (shes totally broken bad)

10-24-2016, 11:55 PM
I don't think Evie is bad so much as you're inexperienced with her.

Evie has poor character design and limitations for sure, but at the same time if you know how to really use her she can do tremendous work, sneaking around the backlines two shotting foes before flying away to safety and repeating the process over and over.

She needs changes for sure though.