View Full Version : How much unbalanced is the store in Siege mode

10-22-2016, 10:12 PM
In payload you will not be able to buy so many items, i will said its near to impossible to get a lvl 3 item (a good item btw)
Since every round Ultimates, money, and items reset....payload game mode seems more fair than Siege, for not saying the size of the map, spots, etc.

Well, devs respond to agression issues vs haven item, they said agression will be usefull to reduce the dmg reduction to half.....
Because if agression gets a buff then every player will auto-buy it
(At that point make sense)

But come on!!!
Cauterize lvl 3 = 90% less received healing, it just kill healers they should buff it to 100%
While Rejuvenate lvl 3 just give you = 30% more received healing from allies


-Heal 280 per sec for 5 secs (you heal 70 every .25 secs)
-Now 90% less healing = Heal 28 per sec for 5 secs (you heal 7 every .25 secs)
-Now 60% (90% - 30%) = Heal 168 per sec for 5 sec (you heal 42 every .25 secs)

Buy cauterize once and use it against every player, but every player needs to buy rejuvenate

Item upgrades shouldnt deny completely the job of a class, whats the logic (balance) with this???
BTW cauterize lasts 2 secs, there isnt a char that needs 2 secs to shoot, so.....its unlimited heal deny