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10-19-2016, 05:28 AM
Ying - noo strong for support in attack, possible measures solutions: Mirror change 5 - 120 (+100), to 5 - 100 (+100). Illusion cooldawn increase of 5 to 7. With 5s she like some Zerg. Shatter -
reduce the explosion range 10-15%.
Mal'Damba - same for him. Cobra - change attack of 450 to 420, mb 400. Reduce the amount of spit from 10 to 6-7.
Buck - too fat for flank. Change health from 3000 to 2800-2700. Maybe a little increase cooldown of Heroic Leap 6 to 7, or change card Seismic Wave, too strong ability for such frequent use, but at the same time reduce cooldawn Net Shot 14 to 12.
Evie - It's pretty balanced, both "crystal guns", but mb change cooldawn for Blink, or damage for him.
For example from 4 to 6c, or damage from 30% to 15%. It's not too much impact on the overall efficiency of hero, but will lose the opportunity, at the same time, destroy the enemy command.
Androxus - he is balanced, but ... has as much health and Skye? For the sake of logic should throw 100HP. He is Godslayer afterall. Or mb do Skye 1900.
Kinesse - transporter - or speed it up to the level of Blink Evei or change the mechanics and the opportunity to put an zone to teleport, which will be active and 30c to which the hero will be able to teleport at any time. After use, abillity will cooldawn 14s.
Victor - he is really to powerfull. He can kill any tank for 3-4s! and reoeat it after reloading. Possible solutions: Reduce the number of cartridges with 25 (36 with card) to 20. Or change damage 130 to 100. Or change rate of fire in Iron Sights for one shot every 0.1s to 0.2s.
Barik - mb change Turret damage 150 to 120.
Cassie and Grover - reduce hitbox. Too much of the affected area. You can kill the enemy standing behind the wall.
Cassie - have a peaceful ult, mb extend from 8 to 10-12s.
All this is just my opinion, I'm sorry if there are errors in the text, English is not my native language :)