View Full Version : My impressions to some Champions

10-17-2016, 06:42 PM
I played 34h Paladins, I really enjoy the game and with the last patch. it's time for me to talk about some Heroes. There are some Champians who need buff and nerfs in my opinion.

Bomb King: Bomb King is one of my favorite Heroes, but he has some issues I want to talk about.

- Ultimate: I don't know if this because the server tick rate, my internet or a common issue, but his Ultimate is not easy to controll. The controll is not direct, the controll is very clunky and i stuck often in objects or obstacles. In little areas with objects, i'ts impossible to use his Ult without frustration. His Controll need a better collision with objects and a more direct controll.

- Regular Attack: After playing him multiple hours, i think is projectiles need a indicator. It's not easy to know where the projectiles land on the distance, i think he need and indicator who shows him the projectile deviation and the area, where they land. I think and indicator who shows him the explosion aoe would help alot.

- Bug: There is a bug with his Instabile Bomb, i had a match where i can't use the skill. Every time I use the skill, Bomb King made his hand animation, but he did'nt threw his Instabile Bomb.

Evie: Evie is a Flanker, but her Skillset didn't fit her role really. She has one defensive skill and two escape/positioning skills. Her projectile speed is not great and the damage is mediocre. Sky for example has tow escapes and one damage skill, she also have a better damage output. I think Evie need a aggressive damage skill, is see no reason to put her in first place as a Flanker, in most cases i take Skye. She has not to be like Skye, no this is not i want, but she need more to be a good alternative to Skye, at the moment she is not. i think her ice Block shoul be changed.

- Ice Block: Ice Block changed to Ice Wall. Ice Wall relfect all projectiles for 4 sec, but the bullets fly in all directions, not direct to Champians and blocks the damage from skills. The Ice Wall hat 1.100 HP and he cant be destroyed i he tooks too much damage. He only blocks damage in front of him (like Fernandos Shiels) but Evie can press the ice Wall button a second time to push the Ice Wall, after 2 sec the Wall explodes and deal 950 damage.

Grohk: His heal is weak and his Lightning Ball should be changed to a support ability. His Totem is easy to kill and the heal is not as great, like Grovers passive heal. But instead of only buffing his heal, it should have a second effect.

- Totem: It's better if his Totem has no HP, but his Totem should have a secons ability, if you press the Tomtem Button again, the Totems explodes and heals all Allies with the double amount of his regular heal. As long the Tomem is acitve, it gives all Allies around him a Shield, that absorbs 350 damage.

- Chain Lightning Ball: it can be used on Allies, to give them a overcharge theat increases their attack speed for a short time, but it decreases their aim. It can be bounce between Enemies and Allies, by Enemies it deals more damage per bounce and by Allies i give the more attack speed.

- Death: If he dies, he released a Shock Nova, that deals 400 damage.

Viktor: His damage output is too high and his movement is far beyond. I think what he needs is a lower Magazin, reducin his bullets so he has earlier to reload his weapon and his damage should be reduced. I think he also need a delay on his sprint.

- Sprint: The Sprint comes with a delay and the movement speed bonus is litte at the begiining, after a short time, the bonus movement gets higher. Viktor starts his Sprint with 30% of his max. movement bonus and after 3sec he has the full speed bonus. Because he is instant too fast and even Evie hat a little delay in her movement.

These are the champs i want to talk about, of course there are more champs, but i need more time the analyse them and yeah.