View Full Version : Fixing Ranked System

10-17-2016, 10:48 AM

As I'm sure 95% of all competitive playlist players have experienced, the amount of elo lost per loss is devastatingly large. Where only 30-40 elo points are gained per win but 100-300 are lost per loss.

Here's my, as well as 20+ others I've discussed this idea with in game, pitch.

Have elo go by performance per game. If a player is playing their role correctly and they perform as their role is intended they should not be penalized for the incompetence of the team. Especially with the terrible matchmaking queues that are in place.

IE: Cassie gets 30-6 K/D and does over 70k dmg but her team was completely unorganized and did not play objectively. The fernando spent half the match flanking and the evie/skye wanted to be a solo queue hero and frontline. The cassie should NOT be penalized or have their elo drop so horridly.

We all know that the games are seperated with 1,2,3 spots per team in a game, so why not have elo be based off of that? See experience gain for example. If you look into match details on Masterpaladins.com there is a 1,2,3 spot slot for best performing players on the team. So why are elo scores so horribly bent against the losing team? Just feel that having performance based ranked, not win/loss ranked, would be better. Because a terrible player has the potential to be carried to the top instead of earning their spot on the leaderboards. Just an idea to test out and experiment is all. I know for one that a lot of people would be on board with this type of system because in the end ranked is supposed to be about player skill, not about lucky team organizations with random players.