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10-17-2016, 08:21 AM
I hate Evie. It seems to me like she has way too much mobility and escape potential. Just the blink and invulnerability by themselves is a pretty awesome skill set but then you add the fly away on a broom thing and then it just gets ridiculous.

Whenever she jumps you and you're by yourself you either get 2 shot (if you're a squishy) or if you're a better player (than the Evie) then you win the trade against her. Now normally if you out-damage a champ you should be able to kill them but Evie just goes invulnerable and then flies away.....EVERYTIME. That's just evil. There is almost no way to kill her 1v1 if you're a squishy (i play Victor a lot and i get my butt kicked almost every time).

Basically what it seems to me is....Evie can kick ass if a good player is playing her. She'll blink in, 2 shot you and then broom out. Now if a bad player plays her she'll blink in, get her but kicked but still manage to broom out without dying because she has so much mobility.

This to me seems unfair and extremely rage inducing. The majority of champs in the game are fun to play against but Evie makes me wanna turn into a serial killer.

Please note, I am not a good player so maybe it's just me that gets their butt kicked by Evie while everyone else can handle her just fine. If that is the case then ignore this post. If that isn't the case please nerf this pain in the ass champion.

10-17-2016, 08:28 AM
Edit: I just read the post again, srry about that lol, she just got a heavy nerf since she cant blink while in ice block, the best way to take care about her, is getting distance, if you see her (saying you arent that good) dont use "IRON SIGHTS"

Also get the card that decreased the cooked time of your granade

10-21-2016, 07:52 AM
Want an advice against Evie?
Bunny hopping. Yup. That's it.

You are being attacked by Evie? Start jumping around like a madman. Left, right, left, left, right. Learn to aim while jumping. And keep on jumping. Evie will try to aim her super slow projectiles towards the ground, because hitting an airborne, agile target with them is not an easy thing to do. There's a reason why her ultimate, while low in damage, has a slow and a cripple. It helps her hit her shots.

This way you will have plenty time to either kill her yourself, or have your team help you, or just use your own movement ability to get away. If everything goes well, she will be forced to leave before she is able to kill anyone, and that gives you a solid couple seconds to reposition and keep dealing damage.

Evie's role is being an annoying little pest in the backline, distracting as many people as she can. Take that away from her, and all she can do is fly around the map trying not to get killed.

Here, hope I helped.

10-21-2016, 08:00 AM
Her ability to get away and then come back really fast is a big problem, I would say. Maybe you're close to killing her, but then she blinks away, ice blocks, blinks again and uses her F to fly away, if she needs, she can blink again two seconds after the end of F. In the end, she'll regenerate when out-of-combat and then come back to try and kill you again, and if you manage to outdamage her, the cycle will just repeat, so she's a really troublesome character, unless you've got some serious burst to kill her really fast, or a precise long-range hitscan weapon to take her down while she flies, even though that's not an easy feat, considering the speed she gets. Still, she's extremely squishy, so kind of balanced. Good team synergy is the best way to counter her. Also, great Evies are really a pain, and may be game changing. Don't know if she deserves a nerf though.