View Full Version : Square hitboxes?

10-16-2016, 03:24 AM
Improve your hitboxes... drastically.
Over two decades we've had FPS games with good hitboxes, frankly a game with square hitboxes in 2016 is asinine. Are you guys trying to take the skill out of the game? or are you guys just cutting development costs? Because you're honestly just making it a million times worse for people who can't aim... For example, if i play Cassie all I do is hold down MOUSE1 and get 150,000+ damage on average even if i'm aiming nowhere near your champion. I understand the hitboxes being a little bloated, but being completely square is unacceptable. (I know it's square because I can headshot people around corners easily)

There needs to be a hitboxmanager script implemented to swap hitboxes when needed, an animation events that tells the hitboxmanager when to draw hitboxes, and a reference hitbox for each frame that needs a hitbox. (this can be completed in about 35 lines for the average developer, very simple stuff.)

If you guys are in need of help, feel free to email my team at support@giantsheadstudio.com

P.S. Implement some level-based matchmaking... its 2016, you guys can buy a script for that for maybe $25.

10-17-2016, 06:34 AM
got to agree , also having a hit box for kinessa is a joke i'm useless at sniping and I can't miss