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12-03-2015, 05:48 AM
Welp that time of year where the mods send their Christmas sneers. Post your anger upon all who cheers. :D

*Note* Until we get a PC discussion section up then this'll be the area where you post your frustrations. Keep in mind that forum rules still apply so no naming and shaming.


12-04-2015, 02:41 AM
Alright! Great! I guess I'll start. Prepare yourself, this will be very long. I'll post a TL;DR paragraph (yes, a paragraph).

Hirez has done fairly well with Smite, and I enjoyed most of the time I spent playing that game...despite having to play only Assault because of player toxicity, but what can ya do? Smite has some flaws that really anger me, and those same flaws are apparent here in Paladins.

I totally understand that the game is still in beta; there is still time to change things and make them better. But there comes a time when certain changes to the game become overly discouraging to the point where I see little chance for recovery. And it keeps me from playing again. A quick example: when the siege engine (SE) was invulnerable during its travel period, I probably played two games then stopped. It was a ludicrous change, so I waited for a patch to remove it before playing again. Had it not been removed, I honestly do not think I would be playing again. It was too drastic and it ruined the length of matches. It was great to see it removed.

Now look, I get it, I read their philosophy post, I know they want to try some very crazy and different stuff during the beta, to sorta, find a peak for different mechanics in the game. Like making the SE invulnerable during travel - which, again, was ridiculous. And that's great and all, but why start at the peak of the mountain and work your way down? Why not start from the bottom, and work your way up? Why not give the SE a decent amount of starting health, and play that out for a long while, maybe a month or however long you think is good (not just two weeks ...)? Gather statistics - how long are matches when the SE has this much health? How quickly do players kill the SE with this much health? Do players ever kill the SE at all? Do gates have enough health? Things like that could help you determine what slight changes could be better or worse for the game. Why just go "LOL wouldn't it be crazy to make the SE invulnerable while it moves? We wanna see this in action, ROFL. K?" But, after all, it's Hirez's philosophy, not mine, so who am I to say what they should do with their game?

Besides trying crazy stuff in beta to quickly identify the boiling point, Hirez also does a few other things in Paladins, and Smite, that confuse me to no end. Here's a list, only limited to Paladins for the sake of keeping the discussion related to the right game (but it doesn't matter that I limit it to Paladins, because these mostly exist in Smite too):

All champions have the same kit, just slightly varied, and they all contain an escape ability.
Integer values, as well as percent values, in most cases, are usually too high. To elaborate, here's another list:

Champion HP - Fernando can reach 9k health. Huh?
Buff(or nerf) potency / buff(or nerf) duration - Evolve (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Evolve) gives +75% HP. I get that Fernando is the tank and it's a legendary card, but with the current speed of leveling in matches, it's not hard to grab this card under 3 minutes...And why 75%? Adding that only to his base HP would put him at 5,775. That doesn't include the +hp from his 5 cards.
AOE sizes and damage values - Just look at Acid Cloud (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Acid_Cloud). Really? 200dmg/sec for 5 seconds??? It requires no skill to throw Pip's bomb on the point and clear everyone off the point, BY YOURSELF, with this card.
CC Duration - Stagger (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Stagger) applies a 5 second daze. Holding your breath that long is not a problem, but not easily being able to control my character for that long is awfully game changing. Better use my escape ability...

Ways to apply CC - There are so many ways to apply CC that every champion is forced to have an escape ability. Why? And why are they so easy to land? Like AOEs, or just dashing at someone. Shouldn't it be a bit tougher to land a CC ability so that it feels more rewarding when you do land it? With Grohk, all I gotta do is stand next to an enemy and press Q to root the enemy(ies) for 2 seconds if I have Planted (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Planted). Who wouldn't do that? How is that really considered a fair mechanic? I can root the entire team by myself, without a legendary card. And as a support-type character, mind you.
Stacking - Why are the precent values on stacks so high? And why do they stack so many times? Many cards stack from 3 to 6 times, with percentages sometimes reaching over 100% total! Wow! Who wouldn't take these cards? To be fair, some do require consecutive shots to be made, which I think is fine.
Evie - Incredibly overpowered. I don't know if I've ever seen a champion as overpowered as her in any champion-based game I've ever played. I know that new champions are usually OP initially, then they're slowly reworked, but this is insanity. Let me just reduce my Illusion CD by 80% after I blink, because I took Ice Storm (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Ice_Storm). I'll also grab Refraction (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Refraction) to add another clone on each use of Illusion. So, if you're keeping up already, I could Illusion once to make two clones, then blink to decrease my Illusion CD to just 2.4 seconds, at which point I can create two more illusions before the first two die off. I could have 4 illusions for about 3 seconds. BUT WAIT, there's more! I'll get Wormhole (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Wormhole) so that I can blink twice. Then once I have Distortion (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Distortion) I'll spawn two clones for each time I blink. And with Wormhole I can blink twice in one CD, giving me four clones, and if you remember, blinking reduces my Illusion CD to 2.4 seconds, which lets me spawn two clones because I have Refraction, and I get to use my Illusion twice because I blinked twice, thus reducing the cooldown for Illusion two separate times. For about 1 second I could have ~10 clones (I think? My timing and math might not be right, I'm also assuming that Wormhole does in fact count as using blink twice). Still, you can easily create four aimbot clones using only two cards, and 6 clones with 3 cards.

I don't want to go any further, it's getting late here. I may choose to elaborate further on these points later on. And please, this is a vent thread, these posts are going to get ridiculous haha.

TL;DR: Hirez does weird stuff with their games that I don't really understand. They take an extreme approach when it comes to making changes to existing mechanics in order to immediately determine a peak point that they know they shouldn't go past, instead of slowly iterating and tweaking game mechanics. Many aspects of the game seem too excessive, or unnecessary, and some are often reused, like giving every champion an escape ability, or the whole same kit, really. Any sort of number that you see on a card is just way too high, especially when it comes to stacking percentages. I got tired and didn't want to write anymore.

12-05-2015, 06:48 AM
Revert to 0.7 and rework this patch simple.

12-05-2015, 07:32 AM
Revert to 0.7 and rework this patch simple.

12-05-2015, 03:14 PM
I do and don't agree with the "Revert to 0.7". Keep Evie. Keep the character updates. But changes the siege engine and the main things that people are complaining about in a hotfix of some sorts. Thats all i can think of---- oh yeah this is supposed to be a anger thread" RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE"

12-05-2015, 09:30 PM
I noticed this right after the patch though it was probably available before. Victory Rush (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Victory_Rush) + Well Rested (http://paladins.gamepedia.com/Well_Rested) is INSANE! Seriously. I had both those cards in a game and felt so bad for the other team as I was able to take them out in a few seconds.

Was that rant-ish enough? Hmm...maybe not. Better throw in a "Darn you, HiRez!!!!", for good measure.

12-06-2015, 09:21 AM
I like the patch, but I do not think that evie ready to leave. This is a good figure but still requires changes. So it seems to me is to return to the current state of the gun ..

The fact that the game has become longer in time, I like it

01-06-2016, 02:46 PM
No Healer / Medic........
No queue for premades

= game ruined (personal opinion and that of those who I know who played - and don't any more)

Vent over

01-06-2016, 11:25 PM
Adjust cooldowns on cards, and the EXP gain, b/c the minute your team dies 3-4 times, or less, you're already at a huge level disadvantage and the other team steamrolls all over you for an easy win.