View Full Version : When is Ying's healing getting a nerf or other healers being buffed to her level?

10-15-2016, 08:34 AM
For how much damage she has, how decent of an escape she has, and all the 1k walls she can put up for herself, why does she have 800 hps thats effective at all times and almost needs no input from her? unlike every other healer, she actually forces you to get cauterize or you wont be able to kill her or her team unless you can burst someone down in under a second. Other healers are only giving the team a 1k-2k hp boost once every 8 seconds while she heals for almost 1k every second.

So when is she getting a healing nerf or other healers getting a healing buff? 5 second CD (3 if destroyed) healing beacon with massive range that heals 400 until canceled and has 1k hp that you can have 2 of really doesn't compare to totem (lol grhak), or 8 sec cooldown 1k aoe heals.

10-15-2016, 09:19 AM
If that's what you think of Ying, boy do I have news for you about Mal'Damba.

In all honesty, her heals are strong, because her combat stats are poor. If you're not detonating multiple clones, your dmg output is rather low, and compared to the aoe Pip does, and the incredible half-map-long 1k snipes Grover can pull off, she really has mostly healing to fend for herself. Changing between clones is really hard do manage, and aside from that she has terrible moblity. And, above all, she has ZERO crowd control. If she couldn't offer raw stats for her team, she'd be useless.

Plus, compare the ults. The healing her ultimate provides can give a decent hp boost to the entire team, but won't save you from a real barrage of damage, unlike Grover's. It doesn't damage anyone at all, unlike Ghrok's ultimate which clearly tells the enemies to gtfo or die. It is not that much of a game changer, sadly. Her main healing power lies in her mirror images, and without them she'd be lackluster.

And my personal advice: take Cauterize more often. It helps not only against Ying, it's also great against other healers and characters with strong self-sustain, like Makoa and Buck. Severely underrated card.

10-15-2016, 09:29 AM
While I do agree on cauterize, I also agree with OP, Ying in decent hands teamed up with a tank is almost unkillable unless all your team focus on her, the hp per seconds she can put off is really off the charts.

10-15-2016, 09:52 AM
I dunno, Ying's healing seems OK to me. It's a single-target heal that she has no direct control over, making it unreliable at best. 800 every few seconds is a lot of healing, but her other damage has been nerfed to compensate.

The only thing I would do is reduce the range on their healing. They have the same weapon range as Ying herself, which means they can pretty much heal from anywhere if they have LoS. That is the only nerf that Ying needs.