View Full Version : Why isn't Evie available? :(

11-17-2015, 06:06 PM
She was so fun to play :(

11-17-2015, 09:12 PM
how do you play her? As in what are her abilities and what playstyle?

11-18-2015, 12:12 AM
I have no idea. For those of you unaware, There was an Alpha that a few of us got to partake in. There was a character named Evie. She was a frost mage.


She had an ICE BLAST, Which was a straight up damage dealer.

She had a Ice block, which worked as an Zhonya's in League of legends, Makes you invincible, but you can't shoot back or move. Use with caution.

And she had a blink as her movement ability, a straight up teleport.

With that being said, I believe Evie was removed because she was unfinished, and she didn't have a particular identity that they could make her without making her broken. Her weapon, compared to others, was just bad, Slow firing speed and slow projectile made her hard to play. Her Ice blast was mediocre and entirely dependant on cards to be good. Otherwise it was spell to get damage to make up for her bad weapon, and Even then it had limited range.

If they ramped up the damage on either of these, She would of became unstoppable and unfun to play against, in the sense of: "Press Q to straight up delete the enemy's Cassie."

On top of that, Her blink was disorienting. A lot of her power came from being able to blink and immediately follow it up with attacks, But the teleport could very much spatially confuse the players, making them unable to execute the combo effectively when they teleported to far or too short of where they though they were going to go.

Basically, She wasn't good without any cards. Any job she could do, Someone else could do without having to depend on random draws to do it. You want to make her a super Crowd control Fiend? Pip already has that covered, and can blow everybody up to boot. However, Companies tend not to throw models away, So she will come back, most definitely.

As for, how did you play her? You kind of played her like an assassin. She had a lot of abilities that made her blink insane. So you blink, ice blast someone, and then shoot them with your weapon to hit with a crit that was roughly 2000 damage if you got the right cards.\

However, This is just my conjecture. I played her a lot trying to figure out what was "Off" About her.