View Full Version : Champions Names need to be changed and MORE!

10-09-2016, 01:38 PM

I feel the Paladins content lacks creativety and I feel that Champion names are too dull. Such as Drogoz, Skye, Pip, Ruckus and Buck. I do not have suggestions at the moment but I will post some here as soon as I think of some good ones.

Also I feel that Skye's voice should a bit more sexy. Right now she sounds like a woman who is past 40 and is the mom of bratty daughters like the Kardasians. Here voice is too deep for a voluptuous assasin.

Another thing I don't like is Ruckus's character model. It's too ugly. I understand that he's a goblin in a mech suit but I don't feel like choosing him because he doesn't look good at all. Give him a more youthful face with hair maybe and maybe he can have patterns on his mech like some korean street racing car.

Also the tag line, "Champions of the Realm". Realm just means 'royal domain' it has no context. Is the game is set-up in the kingdom of the Bomb King?

Jokes aside, at this point Paladins content seems very dull and cliché'd and I believe the creative team can put a lot better effort into it. We from the community can also help them out in the process.

It's not about releasing fast updates with more champions, maps and game modes. I would'nt might waiting for a really long release of a new and creative champion that has no similarities with the other champions in the game.

Thank you for reading.
Take care wherever you are. o/